I dare you.
to pretend you didn't see me
on the stares outside the library today.
because I walked past you,
imposing, if you will
memories of myself inside you.

(do you remember the way I looked
when I was under you?
what it was like to be, in me?)
oh, tell me baby does it make your
toes curl? makes mine, curl.

and I dare you to
act like you didn't care.
I dare you to say,
"no, it didn't bother me at all.
I didn't even like her that much."

(baby, please lie to me.
tell me about how you didn't feel
perfect, in my arms.)

and I double dare you
to pretend you don't
want me anymore.

(baby, what would you do
if I whispered to you over a library cubicle,
"hey, do you want another chance?")

and I double dog dare you.
to walk past me without,

(I will always be the girl,
that's perfect for you)