A flower or a daisy chain
That was how it worked
A kiss on the cheek if you were bold
Love never used to hurt

I always thought those days were past
The innocence a thing of times to be missed
Everything became more difficult
And lost meaning with every kiss

Love turned overrated;
So 2003
It became passé to be committed
To be single was to be free

Then I met you and it all came back
The fluttering heart and impromptu smiles
Suddenly love was right back in
And I forgot about the time and miles

It was sweet and it was innocent
A living film cliché
A smile from you, a blush from me
Ferris Wheels will never be the same

But I'm living in the memory
Of that whole and perfect day
And while I speak to you every night
I'm still waiting to see your face

I guess love is pretty damn complicated
When you live so far away
A bloody crashing of two hearts is
Made more painful with distance in the way

I guess you can say I was worried
That day spent as a 'we'
That the moments we shared would be too fleeting
And hidden later in your memory

But you laughed as you drove me home
Chuckled at my panicked eyes
Taking my hand above the gearstick
You promised we will work this time


You may note that this is not my first feeble attempt and poetry, however this does not lower it's feebleness. Theres no real reason to write this Authors note except to say that the subject of this poem, and my FIRST EVER POEM is exactly the same.

In case anyone cares.