his hair is green.
I'm not sure if he chose this color
or if it is simply the blue fading.
(because his hair was blue,
when I first saw him)

his eyes are the bluest blue
I have ever seen. and-
that's pretty much all I know.
also his name is "zack".
which does not suite him.

I don't know what makes me
like him so much. he is a punk.
(a punkpunk, with big black
boots)-very attractive big black
boots. but, the softest voice
I have ever heard.

he sells drugs. he may also be
addicted to heroin, (he's very thin).
but I am also very thin,
and I am not addicted to heroin.
(..so there's that.)

also! I wore the jacket [Sam].
and rolled around with a new boy
in a drive way, for an hour.
it is now covered it in new smells and different memoires!
and tooth paste. it is also covered in tooth pasteā€¦