Delilah's Bible

Into Genesis and out of Jonah,
raised on 3:14's and 4:9's
between worn leather covers used
by Daddy, in those steely preacher days
we kneel--
Our Father who ar(en)t in Heaven,
hollow rings thy name.
He was like Samson with his
gunning arms cut off,
Daniel in the lion's den
of tupperware party nights.
He never did cast those stones,
but not for lack of trying--
Judas just kept holding him
He loved that bastard hard,
you know.
I read all about crucifixions,
but somewhere between first going
and second coming realized
it was Revelations that always
brought us down.

Abraham may intercedeth
for Sodom, sure,
but Gomorrah was fresh out of luck.
I cut out the words after Malachi
because God turned tail and ran
from the Babylon Falls;

but not in His book.
He cut that one on his own.