Some saint's lake
(I had never heard of him)
kisses mosquitos goodbye;
they will be homesick in the foreign
fields of ambrosia where the sleeping bags lie:
and what saint does not say farewell
to his daugthers as they fly?
The land of giants waits
for no one little girl.

Wood huts slant
(oak has poor posture)
against unclosing doors;
instead of the other way around
here it is supplement which makes support:
and is that why the cotton sling
hitches high and short?
she wants neither a
girl's clothes nor

Her curved frame
(like boards distorted).
'I am not coming out there
naked' she rails against concepts
of lycra-nylon-spandex what do the bare
skins of swimsuits call a mother?
She does not want or care
for claims all the 'bad'
parts are covered.

It is some saint's lake
(I still have not heard of him),
and no saint is seeing her naked knees.