Chapter 1 A Father's Will

It was a sorrowful afternoon in New York. You could still feel the shock and, pain of the American citizens. A large pile of rubble laid in Manhattan where two mighty towers once stood. The rubble was a symbol of collapse not only of the towers, but also the American power. One boy looked on from his room in his apartment room as he did his homework. He was tall, and slightly over weight. He was wearing blue jeans, and a blue sweatshirt. He had glasses with a black plastic frame. He had brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin. His cheeks were red, stained with tears. His expression was on every face in America, shocked, wretched. It was all because of the day before when two jets crashed into the twin towers and would cause the towers to fall after a while.

All of a sudden a door opened in the apartment room and in walked a woman in her late thirties. She was average height and average weight for her height. She had black hair, and green eyes. She had pale skin and a soft look on her face. She was wearing black pants, and a black shirt. She went over to the boy who was her son and gently placed her hand on the boy's shoulder.

"They found your fathers body buried beneath the rubble, he didn't make it," she said with tears in her eyes, and a shaky voice. "I'm sorry William yesterday was your thirteenth birthday and…"

"There is nothing for you to be sorry for mom," the boy started with sorrowful whisper. "You are not the one who did this, and you loved him too. I just can't believe that so many people could be called up by the Lord in one day. I can't believe that all of this happened in one day. One day America is the greatest nation on Earth, and the next it is the greatest sorrowing nation on earth. It just doesn't add up."

The mother of the boy didn't know what to do to help, and she had other news to break to him that might not end up so well.

"I know you have something else to say mom," the boy started softly, but this time he broke out of the whisper. "I see it in your expression."

"W-W–Will," the woman stuttered. "We are moving out of New York. We are moving to a town in Massachusetts called Auburn. I got a job there that pays well so I can support us…"

"I like the idea; there are too many memories here." The boy interrupted. "When are we leaving?"

The woman was surprised, not many people would rather move than stay where they are. Then again not many people have as miniscule a number as one for how many friends they have. William's only friend was his friend Dusty who was a great friend but you would think at least two or three friends would be a standard amount.

"We are leaving Friday," the woman replied. "You are going to stay with your friend Dusty tonight while some of my friends, and I pack up. Your teachers already know everything and tomorrow is your last day of school here so be sure to say your goodbyes. Oh, and wait here for just one minute. I know you're still not ready to open your birthday present but I think it will help Will, please."

She had a look that was almost begging him to open the present. The boy believed his mother so he nodded his head. The woman left the room, and brought in two wrapped gifts, and a card. The gifts were wrapped in a sapphire blue colored wrapping paper. The card was hand made on white 8x11 computer paper folded in half. William took the card and read it, and it said,

We are getting to be more proud of you everyday Will. You are always working hard weather it is in school, at home, or anywhere else. Please know we appreciate everything you do for us. Happy Birthday!


Mom, and Dad

The woman handed William the gifts. William opened the bigger one first. Inside the wrapping was a box. William carefully opened the box, and within the box was The Holy Bible. In the lower right hand corner in silver letters was his name William James Travis. There was also Two CD's in the box Johnny Cash "Ultimate Gospel", and Randy Travis "Inspirational Journey". William smiled as a few tears fell from his eyes, and his mother handed him the second gift. This gift was much smaller than the other gift. He opened it and inside was one of those small cases you would normally expect to see a necklace or a ring in. He gently opened it, and inside was a gold chain necklace, with a gold cross at the end of the chain. William stared at it for a while with tears in his eyes, then he took it out, and put it around his neck. "Thank you mom and," he said with tears in his eyes and his eyes staring up to heaven, "thank you Dad." He hugged his mom and then started to pack for his stay at Dusty's. He gathered his toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, clothes for the next day, his comb, pajamas, and his schoolbooks.

"You are your father's Will," the mother said softly as to say it so he couldn't hear it.

"How much homework do you have left?" The mother asked with interrogative voice. "Just English homework, but Dusty, and I can work on it together," was William's reply. "Alright now I guess I have to get you there first right?" She asked rhetorically.

William nodded and they went to the parking lot outside, and got into their black 1997 Honda Civic, and left for to drive to Dusty's