Chapter 1 :'Carl's Crunchy Country Cool Chicken'

She bustles through the doors of the bus, looking red faced as she angrily mutters her excuse me's, to the annoyed passengers that she pushes past.

She huffs and puffs, occasionally tripping over her two feet as her eyes scan the bus for empty seats.

She stops all of a sudden, placing her hands on her hips as she tries to balance herself, careful not to lurch forward or back with the sudden movements of the bus.

A thin sheen of sweat covered her face and she looked as though she was ready to throw her arms up into the air and yell out in annoyance.

An awfully large and sweaty man who is shoving large and whole doughnuts into his mouth is resting his thick and flabby thigh on one of the empty seats.

She pointedly stares at the balding, fat man's thigh and decides she is on the verge of screaming. The man rudely scoffs at her before slowly stuffing another doughnut down his throat, completely ignoring her.

She is about to open her mouth to yell at him but the bus suddenly lurches to a stop and she finds herself flying forward. A scream rips out of a throat and she sticks her hands out in front of her; a reflex action, to brace her fall

Time seems to past by too slowly as she is flying through the air.

Before she knows it, she lands, colliding into something hard.

Pain begins to spread through her body and black dots begin to fill her vision.

Her face is throbbing and she feels as if the world around her is spinning- everything hurts.

She can hear loud voices but she can also hear her own groaning and that of another.

She grips onto something and squeezes her eyes shut to ease some of the spinning.

The something that she is gripping onto feels like strong, well-toned biceps.

She squeezes down on them.

Definitely biceps.

Her eyes flutter open and she realizes she is straddling a white-faced handsome stranger, whose glasses lay crooked on his face, one of the lenses, broken.

He appears to be unconscious.

Her eyes widen in panic and she gasps.

She begins to slap his face vigorously, just to make sure he is not dead.

She pleads him to wake.

She begins to mutter prayers under her breath.

Please don't be dead.

I can't go to jail.

Not when i'm only 17.

I have to go to university.

I have to get married.

i have to have four children.


He stirs and his eyes half open.

"You," he manages to whisper accusingly.

She brushes her hand across her forehead, relief washing through her like a cool breeze on a summer's day. A smile almost reaches her lips but her expression changes from one of utter relief to one of pure horror.

She quickly glances at her watch and flinches when the pain in her wrist bubbles.

"Fudge melons, I'm late," she mutters.

She pushes herself up carefully and grips the seats and a few heads for support as she half limps/ half runs towards the front of the bus to demand the angry driver to let her off, completely forgetting about the half conscious handsome stranger who is lying on the floor of the bus.

The driver huffs and lets her out.

She runs off without a second glance.

The handsome stranger is conscious of the fact that his body is hurting, aching with pain. He is sprawled out in quite an uncomfortable position but is relieved that the girl did not land close to his family jewels. People are asking him if he is okay, but he isn't listening to them.

The girl who had landed on him had worn a bright yellow t-shirt that had said 'Carl's Crunchy Country Cool Chicken' on the back.

The girl had not bothered to mutter a single apology.

'Carl's Crunchy Country Cool Chicken' he murmured, before blackness closed in on him.

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Btw, it's meant to be this short.