Chapter 2: 'I'm telling my mum'

"Look Carl, can't I work behind the counter? You have to trust me, I'm a trustworthy person who is kind and reliable and fantastic!" she pleads, pressing her hands together. It is sweltering outside and beads of sweat are glistening on her forehead. Her hair is matted to her forehead and she is almost on the verge of tears.

"Yes, I know but you only need to do this for another week or so, "says Carl who is busy counting his money at the register. " Besides, have you noticed? We have more customers now and it's all thanks to you Bailey," he smiles and pats her sweaty head before he frowns and grabs a serviette to wipe his hand of the moisture.

"Now, grab these flyers and the CD player and do your thing," he says, serving a waiting customer who is snickering at Bailey.

Bailey wipes her forehead and huffs angrily before she stomps outside. "I'll be rotting in this suit in another week or so," she mutters,"oh wait, I'm already rotting away!" She throws her hands up in the air and places the CD player onto the floor before pressing play.

She hated her job with the passion and the only reason why she was still at it was because no part time job was available in the area; none at all. Her job was by no means labor intensive but still horrible. It involved wearing a massive chicken suit, doing the chicken dance outside of the shop and handing out flyers.

Suppressing the urge to vomit, she places the chicken head of the chicken suit on her head and proceeds to dance, flapping the gigantic wings of her suit to the annoying song.

- -

"I hate you," she breathes and crosses her arms over her chest like a little five year old child. She knows that she is probably acting in a really immature manner but she is too pissed off to care. She glares at her friend's stupid smiling face one more time before she huffs and turns to face the window. Benjamin Wu James lets out low a chuckle and shakes his head, amused by his best friend's behavior.

"Bailey," he sighs, turning down the blaring radio. "Look, you asked me to find you a job, and that's exactly what I did. Don't come and huff at me; besides, you never specifically stated what job you were after."

Ben shakes his head at her and turns at the intersection. "All you said to me when you barged into my room was Need money. Need job. You look for me. Don't care which. Need now! " he mimics her.

"And besides, your job isn't hard," he exclaims, hiding a smirk. He watches her from the corner of his eye and can see that she will explode in exactly, 5, 4, 3, 2 and...

"YOU CALL IT NOT HARD!" she yells, attracting looks from people in other cars. Ben tries to slip a little lower in his seat, embarrassed by his raging friend. Of course he is unsuccessful, given how long his legs are. He wills for the traffic light to turn green.

Bailey throws her hands up into the air, letting them fly up as high as they could in the car and curses angrily when her fingers crash with the roof. "Mother of cows," she groans, sucking on her fingers.

"Why don't you try wearing a chicken suit and handing out flyers whilst doing the chicken dance in the blasted heat." She jabs her thumb at the backseat. "That thing smells as if something had died in it." She sticks up her index finger, "in fact I'm sure that something has died in it. Period."

Ben rolls his eyes. Why couldn't the girl just utter a plain and simple 'thank you' like anyone else, given that they were in this situation, would? Rather than playfully arguing with her, he just nods and agrees like the good gentleman he was. Truthfully, Ben found it rather amusing when she was in a bad mood, she would act all crazy and it was really funny to watch. Of course there were times when it drove him nuts, but over the years, he had mastered the skill of tolerance which was rather helpful he found.

"So the party tonight, "he says, trying to change the subject, "looking forward to it?"

She sighs and shakes her head. "Not really, I'm just so worn out and all I want to do is sleep. But that won't happen at all; you know how the parties at my place are." He laughs in agreement and pulls up in front of her house.

"Make sure you have a good shower! You smell awful," he says as she gets out of the car. She smiles at the word awful. She found his slight British accent adorably hilarious.

"Shut up butt face. See you tonight. "

- -

Henry nods in greeting and shakes the hands of a couple of people who are standing around, enjoying the party. He walks behind his parents and his little brother, observing the scene. He shoves his right hand into his pocket, careful not to irritate his sprained left wrist.

"MARIANNA! ANDREW! "A brown haired woman exclaims happily when she sees his parents. They exchange their hugs and kisses and gush on about how they hadn't seen each other for so long. He learns that his mother and Elizabeth, the woman, were close high school friends who had lost contact after his mother had moved away.

After a few laughs, his dad moves off to the backyard with Elizabeth's husband Gary and Henry is left standing with his brother and his mother.

"And are these your sons?" she says, smiling warmly at them. "Oh yes, this is William my younger son, his eight and Henry my eldest 17," his mother introduces.

He smiles and says hello.

"Oh, they're about my children's age," Elizabeth laughs," the twins are just over there, see Daniel and Becky and my eldest Bailey is…"Elizabeth scans the room.

"She was here somewhere, but not to worry I'll find her later, "and with that, all of them, including William left, leaving him standing in the corridor looking like a loner.

"Well this is fun, "he mutters.

He walks to the children's room and sees that they're all playing twister. He is about to walk away when a long- legged red- head catches his eyes. She is already staring at him with a flirtatious smile set upon her lips, beckoning him to come.

Now we're getting somewhere he thinks as he nods his head once in acknowledgment with a charming but elusive grin.

She flips her hair and crosses her long legs.

He winks at her.

She giggles.

He raises an eyebrow at her.

She pulls out her phone.

As he finally starts to walk over to her, someone walks into him, pouring a tray of creaming red soda all over him. Everyone stops. He feels the cold ice slipping down his shirt as the person who walked into him mutters string of curses. He turns around and sees a girl wiping the soda off of her arms.

"Why don't you watch where you're standing? Honestly." She is crouching on the ground, picking up the plastic cups off of the floor.

He shakes his head in disbelief. "You're the one who bumped into me," he laughed in incredulity," I think I deserve an apology. "He runs his fingers through his damp hair, trying to free it of soda.

She straightens up and glares at him. "It's not my fault you were standing in the threshold of the doorway, blocking the way," she snapped. "This wouldn't have happened if y-"

She stops mid sentence and stares at his face, her mouth dropping into an 'o'. His eyebrow is raised at her, but she still continues to stare. He watches as she cocks her head to the side slightly, squints her left eye, scratches her chin, glances at his wrist and then finally gasp.

"You're the guy on the bus," she whispered.

He shakes his head slowly not quite understanding what she was saying. But then it hit him, 'you almost crushed my nuts!"

Bailey's mouth drops open as the kids in the room murmur their 'ooohhs'

"I'm telling my mum," a little girl in a pink dress declares as she stands up.

Henry and Bailey both look at her, and then at each other.

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