A/N: Since I've been adding my old fanfics to my FF account, I decided maybe I could add more of my old originals. This was written back when I was little. I like this story much better than my current story with dinosaurs, even though it's much older. I actually later adapted pieces of this story into a sci-fi/fantasy story with humans (I didn't change the place names or languages -- or even all the character names, though the plot changed completely), so if I post a story on the same planet with humans, don't worry. I'm not spamming. They follow completely different storylines. Like my current story, fantasy creatures are also involved, howbeit only carnivorous ones.

Unlike most dinosaur stories where it centers on a bunch herbivores looking for food, this story is about the battle between two predatory armies in a drought choked land where the herbivores have mysteriously disappeared.

Dinosauria Fantastica


Many circuits ago on a far away planet...

It was a time of war and despair, after a time of peace and hope.

Many millennia ago the land of Ilea was rich and prosperous. Each circuit new inventions were made. Life seemed to be getting only better and better, but then a new species of carnosaur known as Giganotosaurs invaded the land from the South.

They terrorized the land, destroyed the technology of the Ileans (the Dinosaurs and other inhabitants of Ilea) and slaughtered the Elqui. Wars broke out. In one battle Cshor, a new and powerful leader of the Giganotosaurs, arose and slaughtered more than half the Ilean army. His army surged northward toward RedRock, killing and plundering as they went. Some creatures gave into despair and, denouncing the Ileans and RedRock, joined the Giganotosaurs in their war rampage. The traitors were the Allosaurs and the Spinosaurs. The two groups of traitors made two armies almost as powerful as the Giganotosaurs. Together, the three species made up the Xarins, or "death bringers".

With two of the most powerful carnivores on the enemy's side, victory seemed impossible to the shattered remains of the Ilean army.

But, even as the Giganotosaurs were on the edge of RedRock, the Ilean army had began to grow almost back to its original size and a small group of strange creatures unknown to the Northern lands started to slaughter the Xarins from the back of the army. No one saw them until the end of the battle and even then no one was sure what they saw. The Xarins were defeated, but more than three fourths of the population of Ilea died in the battle.

Yet from the battle arose hope for the future for Cshor was slain by one of the Korgi, the rare creatures that had helped defeat the Giganotosaurs.

But the beginning had not yet begun. Not long after the death of Cshor, a Spinosaur called Kraele began his own quest for power. His army, with the help of the Spinosaurs and the Giganotosaurs, enslaved the peaceful Gryposaurs of the White Desert and forced them to tear chunks of poisonous ice from the Ice Mountains of Kechina. A young Gryposaur called Valorn discovered they planned to poison the Chyzto Hole the largest and most important water hole in Ilea. He escaped to warn the Ileans and was helped by the Coelurosaurs and a pack of tyrannosaurs. Once again the Xarins were vanquished. The herbivorous Gryposaurs and the carnivorous Coelurosaurs promised to never harm each other. For the first time the Ileans knew that the Xarins didn't mean to conquer Ilea but to destroy it thorough out.

Not long after the Ichsa Feast, the Spinosaurs withdrew from the Xarins due to being too few in numbers to be of any help, but were always ready to lend a hand if need be. The Giganotosaurs and Allosaurs were forced into the Northwest along with the Daspletosaurs, who weren't officially Xarins but a few were on the Xarins' side.

A drought came and lasted for over half a century, and during the drought the herbivores mysteriously disappeared.

At Hyndore, the strait between the Giganotosaur and the Daspletosaur territories, they left their tracks and their scent, which were cut off abruptly, leaving the carnivores behind without any food besides each other. Each day the carnivores grew more and more desperate and vicious toward each other.

Meanwhile, A pack of carnivores went to the safety of RedRock to begin their own quest of looking for the herbivores, not knowing that the Giganotosaurs, and Rackar, the last descendant of Cshor, leading them as their evilly scheming commander, already knew where the herbivores are. The Giganotosaurs hatched an evil scheme that would mean death to all other carnivores in Selica.

The carnivores of RedRock began a desperate search, hoping find the herbivores before the evil Giganotosaurs complete their plan. If they don't the Gigantosaurs will create havoc on Selica and destroy all carnivores including them and the only carnivores that have found out that to get through the desert that separates the RedRock lands from the rest of the world.

During the drought there was a sudden change in the air and a certain sense that the dying leaves of the tree were, with their last breath, declaring, "It is time, time for the fulfillment of the ancient and long forgotten prophesy that reads:

Tí Korgi sha tí Xarinu- tí khishanigu oan xarurmen
amoin tí khurom huankkh- shevute galorna schärviguñe sha iûrhl khisha
korgarmkh hvurk mûrrhg ti malothuku oan tí heunyhk khishagonu puen tí
Wixönyz, malothu oan quâni, sha lazharn amoin ti khal, siugh, sha muirth
huankkh sha qualina ceumu oanukh yalizh shevute yhkun phyol ti xarurmen oan ti Xarinu

Present Day Lyron...

On the edge of the White Desert, within the forbidden predator territories, a young adult Coelophysis ran over jagged rocks. Overhead stars glittered in the sky, like diamonds inset in the middle of a dark blue bowl. The two moons, Scalene and Wumm, hung among the stars; their surfaces shone a whitish hue from the sun Lignella's warm rays reflecting off of them. In the distance, the white sand of the desert glittered like crystals in the moonlight. Every now and then the ground seemed to have a brownish tint instead of the usual dark grey tinge in the moonlight. The bright moonlight made the ten-foot long Dinosaur look only a little darker than he would have in broad daylight as it shone on his light green scales and feathers.

Jaguar sniffed the air for the familiar scent of his wife, Roala, and his two children. An icy breeze blew across the land and whistled as it blew. That was all that he could hear. He whimpered in fear as he approached cliff wall that curved sharply to the right. Where was he? Though he wasn't quite sure, he thought he was in one of the Grand Predators' Territories.

His wife and family would have notice he was missing by now and, probably asking themselves, "Where's Jaguar?" would have told Blade he was missing.

Jaguar heard a low growl that made him bristle in fear around the corner ahead of him. Only the large Carnosaurs could make a growl that deep and loud. Oh no! The little carnivore thought as he scrambled behind two boulders. His breath froze in his throat as he peeked between the stones and saw five large shadows coming out from behind the sharp turn around the cliff. He ducked and tried to stay hidden.

Two gigantic Carnosaurs that were even larger than a tyrannosaur stepped out from behind the rocks. Three more closely followed them.

Xarins! Jaguar clamped a clawed hand over his snout to stifle a gasp of fear. Even the packs, those that have leaders with enough commonsense, that were made of hundreds of types of flesh-eating creatures to weak to scavenge alone or the only survivors of an attack would refuse to let a Giganotosaur join them, so well known were their tyranny and viciousness. Those that did were slaughtered in their sleep with very few or no survivors left and those that refused were attacked and destroyed, rarely leaving any survivors.

They thrived on deception and the destruction of others, just like that song he had sometimes sung with his mate and the other mature Coelurosaurs in a solemn moment to remind the children of the danger of trusting the Gigantosaur. The Xarins, especially Giganotosaurs, were also always making plans that would bring others to despair and loot, plunder, and land for themselves. At that moment, by the quiet whispering between them, Jaguar could tell that they were about to discuss a secretive plan much like those before that some Giganotosaur known for making especially popular grand schemes hatched.

Jaguar, holding his breath, listened carefully. One whispered, "I have an idea!"

Another grumbled, "We know that, Rackar. Ow!"

Rackar snapped in a loud whisper, "Stop it you two and be quiet! Someone will hear."

"Aye, that's true, General," remarked a third Giganotosaur.

The fourth asked, "What's your idea, Rackar?"

Their whispers became so quiet that Jaguar had to strain to hear them.

His fears were soon confirmed.

Rackar, smiling thinly at his companions, said, "We know where they are and, as we know, the lower, scavenging predators would also love to know. But I have a plan that will prevent them from finding out. Lias?"

"Sir?" came the uncertain reply as a dark brown Giganotosaur gave Rackar his complete attention. Rackar ordered him, "Go get the others and then I will tell you all and hurry or else I'll kill you!"

Lias didn't need to be told again; he ran silently out of Rackar's sight. Rackar smiled evilly inside. He turned to the remaining titans and continued, "And now, about the Daspletosaurs..."

Jaguar felt sick inside. Rackar's words made a chill run down his spine. They were discussing the herbivores! He uttered a quiet gasp of fear and anger. Shaking, he forced himself to continue listening.

Completely unknown to the Coelophysis, a black Giganotosaur heard Jaguar's sob, but brushed it off as just the winds. He would investigate later, but right now Rackar required everyone's total attention and no one dared to anger the easily enraged Giganotosaur leader. The black Giganotosaur glanced over his shoulder then looked back at Rackar.

Rackar said, "The Daspletosaurs know how to go through the Great Desert. If they ever go through again they will find the herbivores and we can't allow that. But I will explain what we will do about it in a moment."

A Giganotosaur named Sting mumbled under his breath impatiently, "Then get on with it, Captain!"

Rackar overheard his mutterings and, grabbing him by the throat with his mouth, yanked him forward. He tossed the smaller Giganotosaur to the ground and pressed a foot down on the hapless Dinosaur, mercilessly digging his claws in to Sting's skin. Sting squirmed under Rackar's foot pitifully.

Rackar pressed his foot down harder. He lowered his head to Sting's level and, through clenched teeth, hissed hoarsely, "We wait for the others, Sting. And don't ever anger me again or you're screams will be heard for days!"

He lifted his foot and kicked Sting aside.

Sting scrambled to his feet and ran back to the other Giganotosaurs' side. He silently threw Dinosaur curses and insults at the back of Rackar, who had turned to see Lias approaching from behind a hill with about a hundred Xarins. Most of them were Giganotosaurs but there were also a few pterosaurs, griffins, and

Baring his deadly, long teeth, Rackar hissed at Lias, "Where are the others? You were supposed to bring all of them!"

Lias flinched under Rackar's scowl, "Uh, sorry sir, I..."

An important looking, rust-colored Giganotosaur named Vench interrupted, "There they are."

Three hundred Gigantosaurs appeared from behind the rocks and hill.

Rackar smiled grimly at the multitude of Gigantosaurs. He would now have to yell to be heard. Anyone spying would be caught, being cornered by hundreds of Giganotosaurs.

He leapt onto a stand made by a large flat rock balanced on top of two boulders and bellowed, "Listen to me! I know the Daspletosaurs are a threat. But so are the pathetic predators besides them. Listen, we kill all that leave the known lands and go to the RedRock and say that the Daspletosaurs have taken over our land and that we mean to claim the RedRock as our own. Then we will be the kings of the land!"

"But surely we can't simply carry it out like that." Grumbled Vench.

Rackar laughed, "You're right, but, nevertheless we'll try to carry it out just as I said! But I will try to think of something to make it perfect, just in case."

Sting reminded him, "Besides, no other predator knows how to get through the Great Desert so we only have to take care of the Daspletosaurs and if anyone starts to search in the Great Desert we'll kill them."

Rackar looked surprised. He said, "Good thinking. We'll do it that way!"

He yelled out to the Giganotosaurs below him, "With me, Rackar, the last of the line of Cshor, in charge, we will seize the RedRock lands and send a group to kill all that try to find food. We alone of the carnivores will survive to be the supreme rulers of Selica and then-- the whole world!"

A loud roar filled the air as the Giganotosaurs listening shouted their excitement over Rackar's evil scheme.

Jaguar backed up, hunched down, trying to find a way out of the situation. It was much worse than he'd thought. Rackar was a descendent of Cshor. Jaguar had to tell Blade before it was too late to stop them!

A loud thump and a crack of a dry twig snapping nearby made the Coelophysis jump. Jaguar started to turn around to look and before he saw the Giganotosaur a huge three-clawed foot struck out from the side, throwing him a few feet away. The impact made him see stars. Jaguar looked up and all he could see was the gaping insides of the mouth of the black Giganotosaur, jaws opening wider to seize him. He got up and dodged the Giganotosaur's jaws of death. They snapped shut on his tail and the Giganotosaur dragged him backwards. He slashed at the creature's throat and the Giganotosaur let him go.

Jaguar didn't waste a single precious moment and leapt out of harm's way. He ran with the black Giganotosaur chasing him on hot pursuit.

A/N: In my old, old, old first draft of this story, this scene wasn't included.


Circuits - Years

Scur - I should have these removed, but scur is essentially animal covering that isn't quite fur or scales, or even feathers, but something in between. Thus Scale/Fur. Back when I wrote this, I was the only person who believed some dinosaurs could've had feathers in my area. So I used this term to ease it over for them.

Giganotosaurs - these beasts are well-known for being bigger than T. Rex. I know it's stereotypical (as far as dinosaur stories go) to make the largest predator around the big bad villain, but I couldn't resist.