Title: One

Author: Lamb Dinner

Rating: PG

Genre: Science Fiction-ish, Drama

Brief Summary: Sometimes, it's better not to know. {The scientists call me 01.}

WARNINGS: Involves human experimentation, particularly on children as well as implied death. You've been warned.

Edit 12/7/09: Have revised story to make it flow better so some parts have been replaced, primarily the end.

Day 1

The scientists have given us journals.

They say it will help them better evaluate our psyches.

I have nothing else to say, so I will finish for today.

Day 3

I still see no point behind this journal, but the scientists say I need to write more so I will.

The scientists call me 01. I am eight years old. I have one brother- 02. We are twins but I am taller than he is.

The others have told us we look alike. I guess they are a little right. He has white hair and so do I. Our eyes are also blue. But I think that is where the looks stop. He is short and very pale. He looks as if he needs protection. I am taller and the others say I am not as pale. They are nicer to me then they are to him.

They say that is because 02 is mean. I do not agree with them- he is nicer then they are.

Day 4

02 is sick. He coughs a lot. He also cannot run for long distances without breathing heavily. He tells me it is nothing but I don't believe him. He says it is nothing to worry about because he was born like that.

I still worry.

Day 5

Today we got injected with a new substance. It hurt. 02 got a fever. The scientists said it was 102 degrees. He is now lying in bed and shaking a lot. He is also very sweaty.

02 says he will be better by tomorrow.

I hope he is right.

Day 6

02 is still sick. They say his fever is hotter than it was yesterday- they say now it is 104 degrees.

The scientists took 02 away. They said they were going to fix him and make him better. 02 smiled back at me as he left.

The scientists said they would bring him back soon.

Day 9

They lied.

Day 14

I asked 04 and 08 if they had seen 02.

04 is very pretty and is older than me and 02. I think she is 12.

08 is older than everybody. He is very tall. He is 17.

04 and 08 looked at me with sad eyes and shook their heads.

They said they do not know where 02 is.

I am very worried now.

Day 16

02 is still not back.

Day 17

Today I asked a scientist where 02 was.

He looked at me and laughed.

Day 21

02 is back. He is not better and is worse off than before. He cannot see out of his left eye. There are white bandages wrapped around his chest.

When I ask him why, 02 looks at me and cries.

Day 22

02 is weaker than before. It hurts him to walk a long distance and he sometimes bumps into a wall or the others.

03 and 05 laugh at him. 02 gets angry and they run away. I hold his hand and he smiles.

02 says he will be alright.

He is lying.

Day 24

The scientists have taken 04 away.

She will not come back.

Day 25

The scientists inject us again. It hurts more than the last time but I do not cry. Neither does 02.

05 does though.

The scientists take him next.

Day 26

03 is older than 02 and I by a year. He is 9.

Today in physical training he fell down.

The scientists came.

02 and I did not like him but we cried when he left.

Day 27

Today the scientists did not take any of us away.

Instead they gave us treats and toys. Odd and I did not play with them.

07 did.

Day 28

07 is the same age as 04. I think they were brother and sister.

04 is gone.

So is 07.

Day 29

06 and 08 are the only ones left now besides me and 02.

06 is ten and tells us not to worry.

She says the scientists are done.

The scientists laugh as they take her away.

Day 30

08 has given us a new name.

He named us Even and Odd.

I am Even and 02 is Odd. I think this is funny because 1 is odd while 2 is even.

We like the names.

Day 31

They took 08 away today. He tried to stop them from taking 02 away so they took him instead.

08 is my friend.

But I am glad that it is him the scientists take away instead of 02.

Day 32

02 and I are all that are left.

We are scared.

The scientists laugh but do not take us.

We are relieved.

Day 33

The scientists brought someone new today.

They call him 09.

He has 04's eyes, 06's hair, 03's laugh, 05's smile and 07's voice.

He calls me Even and 02 Odd.

Day 34

09 is gone. The scientists did not take him away. He made a hole in the wall and left.

He leaves 02 and me behind.

Day 35

The scientists came.

This time they tried to take two instead of one.

09's hole was still there.

02 and I weren't.

"I'm here to turn in my withdrawal from school."

"Withdrawal?" the receptionist blinks looking down at the boy who can't be over ten with wide eyes. What was this child doing in a high school? And withdrawing none the less? "Whatever for?" she asks, tilting her head curiously to the side, while worried concern pines away in her voice.

Running a hand through his shock of white hair as the other clutches at his school books, the boy smiles and shrugs his shoulders, cocking his head to the side and looking distantly out the window. "…things have just…" the boy, child really, pauses and searches briefly for a word and what he says leaves the receptionist just as flummoxed as before. "…come up. "

Nodding her head uncertainly, she takes the papers, idly looking down at the information before taking a note of surprise. The boy was fourteen? She shakes her head but gives him a small slip of paper in return.

"Turn this into the office….I can't verify any information you'll have to go to the director for that."

The boy tilts his head in acknowledgement, and continues in the direction the receptionist had pointed him, only to stop briefly as the receptionist speaks up again.

"If you don't mind me asking…" the woman pauses and gives a gulp, looking at the child before giving a wan smile, "…are you really fourteen?"

Smiling the boy shrugs his shoulders in reply before looking out the window and smiling wanly for a brief moment. "Odd…" he whispers before another boy comes running in with a pant, hand clutching at his chest for a moment before the child straightens.

"Even, I'm here!"

Staring in befuddlement, the receptionist watches the smaller boy run towards his brother-twin?-and clasp hands before twirling back towards her with a grin. As he gives a slight bow, the first boy inclines his head only slightly before both walk towards the area towards the office.

Watching both boys depart, the receptionist shakes her head before settling back towards her computer with a sigh. Odd boys or not, there was work to do.



I don't really know my feelings on writing this- it was more of just a writing test considering it's been a couple of years since I've written anything although I do like the way it turned out. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Update: 11.9.11

Check out The Numbers, a story starring Even and Odd! It's a bit of a spin off of this and…lets just say that things take a turn for the worse for Even and Odd.