you tell me everything i want to hear,

and i still can't believe that you're here to stay,

i just don't want you to pull away,

tell me something, please,


am i really everything you've ever asked for?

can you tell me the truth?

i just want to hear your voice tonight,

on this sweet night,


i wanna be something special,

and i wanna do something magical,

everything is just so right between us,

we fit together so nicely,


there is nothing i want more than this,

you touch me so deeply,

and i just want to lay in your arms tonight,

you're all i think of,


every moment of every day,

i wish you were the one i was looking at,

driving towards,

i want you more than ever,


the stars shine just like you,

and the darkness is closing down on me,

and i can't help to think that i can't be beautiful,

when there are so many more better,


but you reassure me,

and i want to hear your voice against me,

i want you to tell me what i want to here,

you're utterly romantic,


every kiss from you is like a miracle,

i never thought i'd find anyone like you,

you treat me just right,

and i can't enough of you,


you tell me you don't believe you have me,

and you get upset when i down myself,

and life me up,

you help me through all of my life,


just your arms around me are all i need,

tell me why you want me,

and i'll be all yours,

my heart is all yours,


i succumb myself completely,

and even through my infinite flaws,

i just can't believe you're still there,

and you still want me,


and when i'm not myself,

you want to hold me,

and heal me,

i just want to love you,


i just want to love you.