Wishing Well

- TheJadedInsomniac (TJI)

Once upon a time Nosy Johnny wrote about a well; his book on its greed is a whole 'nother story to tell.


There once was a small wishing well, and on top hung a whistling bell.

Should the frisky wind ever blow, the whistling bell would surely go.

Then the children would gather 'round, and near the well did they surround.

And when there was a little chime, pop went in but another dime.


But more children came in a crowd, wanting to make their daddies proud.

So they joined and danced 'round in groups, like little soldiers little troops.

The children held hands in a chain, spinning 'round and 'round like a train.

They would then hum a simple tune, 'round the well they spun dusk to noon.


But each night one child disappeared, like Timmy Tuck all sooty-smeared

Or aged-six frightened Carol Lu, or missing-fingered Gary Stu.

So Nosy Johnny one day went, towards the well and down he bent

To see a well with pretty stones, as well as many skulls and bones.