sitting on a bench,

wishing you would come along,

and treat me like a fairytale,

just something a little special,


and i know i don't deserve that,

but it's what i've always dreamed of,

(literally, dreamed of)

i just want one flower from you,


and i wondered what it would be like to kiss,

in the pouring rain,

and what about putting your hands,

on the side of my face,


but i've also heard that some people,

call the ones they love by "gorgeous",

and i always gag at the PDA of others,

but secretely, i wish you'd do it more,


and i also want to know,

what it feels like for someone to love you,

for who you are,

on the in and the out,


i want to feel beautiful again,

and i know that if i go when the sun is hot,

you'd be disappointed,

and i hate that feeling,


i want to get the feeling of appreciation,

just a simple 'thank you' would mean a lot,

and i know you try,

but could you please just make an effort?


you don't need to be dramatic,

but maybe something needs to be special for once,

and not rushed or awkward,

without worries,


but you know how i feel about you,

and that will never change,

i just want to see something a little different,

a little more,


and i know i ask for a lot,

and i put you through something else,

i'm difficult,

but, don't you love me?


that must count for something,

couldn't you do something?

besides trying to stir up something inside of me,

i wish that things were just simple for once,


and i admit,

the way you touch me,

feels really nice,

and i can feel your love radiate,


but could you just,

make a difference?

i want just something special to rememeber,

before i go,


i know it's something to ask,

but a girl's dream is hard to forget,

hard to live up,

and hard to let go,


could you just treat me,

like i'm not going to always be here?

i'm sick of being taken advantage,

and for granted,


but i want you.