Chapter 1

I walked across the lawn of the biggest and most famous frat house on the campus of Columbia University. My best friend Autumn, walking beside me, was chattering away about her excitement at the party we were about to attend. I wouldn't lie, her excitement was infectious, however, at the moment, I wasn't feeling all that excited; actually, I was rather uncomfortable and nervous. You see, my boyfriend-- actually ex- boyfriend-- broke up with me just two weeks ago. And, apparently, Autumn was sick of me moping about our dorm room, eating ice cream, and getting fat. Yep that was Autumn, she believed if you couldn't handle the truth, then you couldn't handle being her friend. But that's beside the point.

You see, I was currently decked out in Autumn's rather skimpy clothing, not by choice but by force. Autumn had ransacked my closet and decided nothing I owned was up to frat boy party standards. So, here I was, wearing a bright red cocktail dress; my layered brown hair—with hints of red—was straightened out of its curly mess and currently lay upon my shoulders and down my back. When I had allowed Autumn, extremely reluctantly, to do my make- up, I was positive that I'd turn out looking like a prostitute off the corner of Dunckel and Smith. But, to my great surprise, I looked gorgeous. Now I'm not saying that because I'm full of myself or because I think I'm gorgeous; actually I think somewhat the opposite of that. I personally think I'm rather plain and simple looking. I don't really do all that much to my face with make-up. Of course I don't completely ignore my appearance. Mostly just the clothes were neglected, and I hate using make-up. But I digress. Autumn had done my make- up perfectly. She knew exactly what color would flatter me, and exactly how much of each substance to put on my face.

Next to me, Autumn kept on talking. I swear that girl had such a mouth on her. I knew a number of guys who refused to date her—although gorgeous she is—because they are intimidated by her talking.

"Steph, I swear. This is going to be so much fun!" she squealed before continuing, "get ready to party your socks off babe. I'm going to get you completely wasted, and hooked up with some guy you barely know."

"Really Autumn? You should know by now that I refuse to drink at parties like this one. I could get date raped! And I'm not going to 'hook up' with some random guy, as you so kindly put it."

"Oh live a little, Steph."

"Sure, Autumn, living 'a little' is getting completely wasted out of your mind and killing hundreds of brain cells, and having sex with a random guy that could, I don't know, have an STD, maybe, or even get me pregnant."

"Oh stop being so sarcastic all the time. I swear, your sarcasm will be the end of you."

I rolled my eyes at her words and stopped talking. It was completely useless to argue with her. We neared the door and I heard a whistle from my far right. I rolled my eyes once more and pursed my lips. This was going to be a long night. Autumn walked up to the door and knocked. A guy with floppy brown hair and square wire rimmed glasses over his chocolate colored eyes opened the door. He gave me a fleeting glance then turned to gape at Autumn. This was bound to happen, but for some reason, he looked at her differently, and I could tell that he had fallen for her on sight. Autumn was trying to look past the man standing in front of her and into the frat house. She was paying absolutely no attention to the poor guy standing in front of her, gaping at her as if she was the best thing since sliced bread, so, I took pity on him.

"Hi. My name is Stephanie Morgan. I'm a senior here at Columbia and this is my first frat party." I said extending my hand to him. He looked dejected but grabbed my hand anyways.

"Well, hi. I'm Ryan Phillips and I am also a senior here. Welcome to Delta Sigma Theta and I hope you have a great time tonight. Come on in, and I'll show you around." He said to me. I smiled at him and followed behind. Almost immediately, Autumn ran around Ryan and to a group of jocks she saw on the side. Ryan frowned at the sight.

"I'm sorry Ryan. I'm sure she'll come around." I said, feeling horrible about my friend's ignorance.

Ryan feigned innocence and said, "I don't know what you're talking about Stephanie. Who are we referring to?"

I giggled at his blatant lie and rolled my eyes—yes, I know I have a problem.

"All right, Mr. Innocent, why don't you keep me company? Autumn has turned out to be an awful friend and left me to fend for myself amongst these native beasts. Don't leave me now. I'll never get out alive."

Ryan laughed at me. "You're really funny, Steph. Can I call you that?" he went on after I nodded. "All right. Well, I'm currently the co- chair of Delta Sigma Theta. And, I have no idea where my partner in crime is. But, I'll be sure to introduce you two, to ensure that you stay in the loop now that you've entered it."

"You act like I wanted to enter it."

"You mean you didn't want to come here?" Ryan asked me in shock.

"Don't sound so astonished. I'm just a poor soul who was dragged here because her horrible friend knows that she can be guilted into anything."

Ryan laughed again and turned toward the punch bowl, which was where we were now standing. My eyes grew wide at the image of the punch. Ryan looked at me and gave a Cheshire grin.

"Do you want some, oh dear Stephanie?"

"Ryan, give me some punch. I'm so thirsty. I haven't had anything to drink for the past ten hours!"

Ryan raised his eyebrows at me. "What?! Don't give me that look. Autumn wouldn't let me drink anything because she said it was going to mess up my appearance if I so much as lifted a finger."

"That's insane. Here you need this." Ryan handed me a cup full of the inviting punch. I immediately took it and chugged down the whole cup. Then I handed it back to Ryan and asked for another. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me skeptically before refilling it full and giving it back to me. I again chugged it down and once more handed it back to him.

"Top me up Ryan." I said, starting to feel lightheaded.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" he asked worriedly.

"Shut up Ryan and just fill it up. I already told you that I'm thirsty."

Ryan hesitated then shrugged and filled it up when I glared at him.

"Bottoms up!" I said before drinking the whole cup full.

I was done drinking now, but I refilled the cup once again, to sip on it from time to time. This was when I began to feel a little fuzzy and I could taste a bitter aftertaste to the punch. However, making the biggest mistake of my life, I ignored that little inkling of worry in my spine, and I began to mingle with the people along with Ryan. The night passed through a haze and I was introduced to dozens of people, half of whose names I didn't even remember. I drank another four cups of punch by the time I began to feel dizzy and nauseous.

I left Ryan's side to go look for Autumn who was missing. She probably had her tongue down some guy's throat and I knew she would hate me for bothering her, but I had to get home. I was beginning to feel really sick. I walked up the stairs, hoping to find her in one of the bedrooms. But before, I found her, an ass hole found me.

"Hey sweetheart. How are you doing? What do you want me to pay you for your time tonight?"

I couldn't help myself, and I let my hand connect with the side of his face. He looked at me in shock then reacted. He pinned me up against the wall and pressed his body into mine. I was disgusted beyond belief and I knew I was going to throw up on him.

"Don't you dare hit me again. Hasn't anyone ever told you to respect your superiors?" the guy said.

"Oh yea. I was always taught to respect my superiors. But for some reason, an egotistical, pushy bastard didn't strike me as my superior." I spit out at him. I immediately regretted it when he shoved my jaw to the side and my head into the wall. My head was absolutely pounding and I was about to start bawling my eyes out. But before I had the chance to completely humiliate myself, someone pulled the narcissistic ass hole off of me. I looked up to stare at my savior and cringed as his fist landed along my attacker's jaw. He then kicked him to the ground.

"Get lost. I never want to see you in here again. You give this place a bad name. I'm sorry that I ever called you my fraternity brother." My savior snarled at him.

As soon as my attacker left, I slipped to the ground and started crying. I was exhausted and I had a pounding headache. I just wanted to go home. My rescuer knelt to the ground and patted my back.

"Hey, hey. You're fine, I promise. That jack ass is gone now, you're safe."

I sniffled and looked up at him through a film of tears. "Thank you so much. I don't know what I could do to thank you. Thank you so much umm…" I said, pausing for a name.

"Jake Phillips. And it's my pleasure to be of service to you," he said, extending his hand, and smiling. "Can I help you with anything else?"

I began crying again. "Actually yes. I want to go home, I don't feel very well and I can't seem to find my roommate. She just sort of disappeared. And… I WANT TO GO HOME!"

Jake stared at me nervously as I sobbed loudly. I was sure that he was becoming uncomfortable.

"All right, all right. It's ok, you're fine. Umm… why don't I take you home?"

I stopped crying and stared at him. Then I giggled and nodded at him. He helped me stand from the floor then together we walked down the flight of stairs and out into the lawn.

"Where do you live uh…?"

"Stephanie." I supplied for him.

"Ok Stephanie. Where do you live?"

"I live in the East River Ridge Apartments. Do you know where that is?" I managed to get out, slurring some of my words together.

"Umm… yea, I think I do."

Jake took me to his car and helped into the passenger side door. He got into the driver side and started driving. The next thing I knew, we were home, and I had fallen asleep in his car.

Jake took me out of the car and helped me get up the steps to the front door of my apartment building. I used the key to open the front door and we both walked inside. I felt loopy and even more nauseous than before—which explains why I couldn't get up the stairs to the second story where my apartment was located. I started crying again, to Jake's astonishment, then watched in horror as Jake lifted me into his arms and trudged up the stairs to the second story. I told him my apartment number and he took me there, opened the door, and took me inside the apartment. He set me down on the couch and I immediately bolted to the bathroom to throw up what little food I had inside me. I could once again taste the bitter taste of the punch in my mouth and I looked up at Jake when he came into the bathroom. He held my hair out of my face as I again threw up into the toilet. I got up and flushed the toilet.

"Stephanie, did you drink alcohol tonight?"

I was scandalized by his question. "NO!" I yelled at him as I brushed my teeth.

Jake rolled his eyes at me and muttered, "I'm sure you didn't."

"All I had was the punch at the party!" I said forcefully, glaring at him as I finished brushing my teeth.

"I can guarantee that there was alcohol in that punch!"

"Well, how was I supposed to know that? It was my first frat party ever."

"How many glasses of punch did you drink?" Jake asked.

He was starting to irritate me. "Enough to end up drunk apparently." I paused, letting it sink in, "If your host was more responsible and watchful of his guests, maybe I wouldn't be in this predicament."

"Umm… hi, I'm the host. And how the hell was I supposed to know there'd be amateurs at my party?!"

"Mr. Phillips. I resent that. You are being very hypocritical and I can't believe you're so ridiculous. It was my first party! What the hell is your problem? How was I supposed to know?"

I wanted to say a lot more, but before I knew that was happening, Jake's lips were on mine and it felt fabulous. I felt like I was swimming in air; I was on cloud nine. His lips were soft against mine, yet I could feel the urgency in them. His hands were caressing my lower back and face like feathers. I responded passionately to him. I could feel his arousal on my hip and I slowly pushed him closer to my bedroom.

We reached the large bed in my bedroom and stopped kissing for a second.

"God, Stephanie, we must be so drunk right now."

"Mm-hm." I said in reply before I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him again. We fell on the bed together and kept on kissing. I moved my hands down his chest to the hem of his shirt. I pulled his shirt up slowly, and he ripped it off of him. I ran my hands down his chiseled chest and reveled in the shiver I felt go up his spine. Not being able to stand it anymore, he pulled my dress over my head and placed his hand on my waist before going on to kiss me again.

He paused again before he said, "Are you sure about this Stephanie? I know you're completely wasted."

"Just shut up and do it, Jake. Stop talking. You're irritating me."

We continued where our heated kisses had left off, and that was when I completely humiliated myself that night.


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