Okay, okay, I understand that last time, I said that this story will be put on hiatus. (VIEW AMETHYST SPEAKS.)

It's pretty uh disappointing (for me anyway) to cancel/discontinue/stop this because I put so much work into improving it...and so many, many people have contributed to this story.

It's a pain to say the least.

I know, I'm probably being stupid right now for throwing out an idea of mine...but hey, that's how life is.

Maybe one day, I would be able to find an idea much better than this. Actually I find Lost In Shadows, a better story than this one. And I feel that it has more potential and it demands more focus.

Gosh, I mean, I had the PERFECT ending for's the middle part and the climax that were still vague. But, I really think that if I were to 'revise' this, then I might as well delete this and re-post because I would end up making an entirely different storyline.

Seriously. I tried to uh...edit and I ended up getting different ideas and different plots that is like...completely uh unrelated to the things I already planned out. Am I making any sense?

I guess, it's a pity for me to stop this but I'm not sure if I should delete the whole thing. I don't think I should because as I have mentioned, many users have contributed to this (reviews and such) so it would be a total waste. So I guess, for now this would be the ashes of the story...the last reminder of An Inner Goddess.

I'd tell you guys the ending but we didn't even reach the part of uncovering who Yuki Takara is. *sniff* What a total waste.

BUT, surely, An Inner Goddess will rise once again.

That's all for now.

Again, I'm sorry for everything.


Amethyst Penn.