A guy who:
(1) doesn't understand the meaning of relationship
(2) is in full reproductive mode
(3) is very good at making girls think he is into them (also very proficient at breaking said girls hearts)


At Oak Ridge Academy, the two most common sayings that I ever heard were; don't hate the player, hate the game and hate the sin, love the sinner. I always knew that he was a player and that some of his friends were as well. Once I got to know him, he was different than I expected; people say don't judge a book by its cover and it's true, the exterior disguises their true being. This is my story how a bet changed my life and his…

"Hey Leah, I just had the hardest time in math, Mr. Lopez just doesn't understand that I can't do math." A pair of hands snaked around Hannah's waist and started to suck her neck. "Trent…stop it, we can't be caught again." she said. A guy around six feet came to face her; he pushed her up against the lockers.

Luckily my brother, Mitch came to stop them before they got into trouble. Mitch tapped Trent's back and pulled him away from Hannah, "Hey man, come on let's leave the ladies and head out to lunch."

Trent smirked at Hannah and moved to stand beside Mitch. "Ok then. I'll go to lunch but, Hannah I'll be back." The boys walked off towards the cafeteria to join the rest of the male senior species at their table.

Hannah looked at the mirror on my locker and placed her hand over the new strawberry mark on her neck a.k.a, a hickey. I laughed at her reaction and handed her my concealer, "I don't want you to get into anymore trouble Han."

I closed my locker and we began to walk to the lunch room. The food at Oak Ridge was amazing and I couldn't ask for anything better.

"Trent can't be doing that to me in the hallway. He knows that when he is near me I lose control. I don't know what I would have done if your brother wasn't there."

I rolled my eyes at her and smirked, "Neither would I." We bought our lunch before we sat down on the table far away from the seniors. We were on the school volleyball team and sat with our teammates although they were talking about the topic I dreaded the most…

"So last night I was with Ryan Wescott. And let me tell you ladies; he is better in bed than they say." All the girls giggled except for Hannah and especially me. I didn't know what everyone saw in Ryan. He was jerk that went around sleeping with girls and might be passing around STDs for all I knew.

"Let me guess, Serena, he wants to sleep with you again but doesn't want a committed relationship," I said and started to eat my paella.

Serena rolled her eyes at me. Everyone knew that I wouldn't fall for Ryan's tricks.

Serena could have any guy she wanted but why would she fall in the trap of Satan's Spawn was beyond my imagination.

"Leah, I don't understand what you have against him. I guess he's a player but he is a really sweet guy."

Serena tossed her golden hair over her shoulder, and stared at me as if waiting for my sarcastic response.

"I actually don't have anything against him; it's just that he doesn't care about anyone about himself."

I looked over at Hannah who was blushing while Trent was making gestures from the other side of the room; sometimes looking at those two lovebirds made me sick. I stood up and grabbed my bag. "I'm just going to run some laps and I'll see you back at the dorm Han."

Hannah glanced at me and was preparing to stand up. "Do you want me to come with you?" I laughed gently and pointed at Trent, "Go over and stay with Trent I'll be fine."

I left the lunch room along with my sports bag. As I was about to go into the locker room, standing in front of me with his wingman, Charlie Brown, the one and only Ryan Creston Wescott. I huffed because Ryan came out of the girls' locker room doing up his belt when he smiled at me. It made me want to barf.

"Wolves only huff, sweetie and looking at you I bet you'll tear up the sheets," Ryan smirked. He was around six feet, he may be good-looking with his dark brown hair and tanned skin but it was his attitude that I hated the most.

"Sorry but it won't be with you." He chuckled as I sidestepped him and continued to walk until I heard Charlie speak.

"So what do you think she'll rate?" Charlie and I never got along he was another player but he was worse than Ryan. He would cheat on his girlfriend if she didn't do what he wanted in bed. I know disgusting.

Ryan looked at me I could feel his eyes roaming all over my body. "Well, she looks like an athlete with good legs, curvy. I like brunettes and her brown eyes are mysterious, there is something about her I want to find out. She has my school girl fantasy up to par, her white, fitted shirt out, her black knee length socks are making me crazy. I'd rate her 9; she'd be good for a couple of months." I heard them laugh and I turned around to walk back to them.

"Excuse me, did you just rate me? You can't just give a number. I am human and have a name." I stood there and crossed my arms over my chest and raised my eyebrows at him.

He moved closer to me and smirked, "Aww, you're back to see me sweetie."

I scoffed and stepped back away from him. "Don't flatter yourself Wescott." He kept on moving forward until my back hit the lockers. Great I was pinned by Satan's Spawn.

"You know my name, you should tell me yours." He brought his face closer to mine while his hands moved down south.

Charlie still standing behind him answered instead, "That's Leah Richards, she's on the volleyball team; her brother is Mitch."

I turned my head to face to Charlie and grinned, "Wow! You should put stalking on your record, the colleges are going to love that."

Ryan moved in front of my view while Charlie frowned, "Leah, that's a pretty name but since we are alone in the hallways, I guess I can start the rating." He looked around and I felt his hands on my thighs and they were moving higher, pushing up the hem of my grey skirt.

Mr. Crawford, the science teacher was walking down the hallway at that precise moment and saw the repulsed expression written all over my face. "Mr. Wescott, you know the rules." Ryan removed his hands away from my thighs but turned to the science teacher while still keeping me pinned to the lockers.

"I'm sorry sir. Maybe I could convince you to look the other way." Mr. Crawford looked around the hallway suspiciously and stepped closer to Ryan. Ryan handed him a hundred dollars, and then Mr. Crawford walked away as if he hadn't seen anything.

I was shocked and alarmed that I had been betrayed by a member of the faculty. "You bribed a teacher and this can't be the first time."

Ryan turned back to me and once more placed his hands back on my thighs. "I'm rich. The teachers in this school don't get paid a lot."

I tried to escape from his hands but I let out an involuntary moan when his hands brushed against my underwear. He continued to rub harder and was laughing at me. "Do you like this Leah? Because I do and I want you tonight."

I kept on moaning, I could feel myself getting damp. I hated that even though Ryan was forcing himself on me. I was getting aroused. When I realised what I was doing, I raised my hand and slapped his face. He jerked away from me and I ran into the locker room. I breathed out heavily and sank onto the bench.


After I ran laps I walked out into the hallway cautiously, I felt like I was entering the enemy's territory. I made my way to the basketball court where Hannah was watching Trent play. I waved at Trent and Mitch and sat down next to Hannah. "Leah, where have you been? It doesn't take that long to run laps."

Hannah was like my mom at school, she always wanted to know where I was. I looked at her and rolled my eyes. "I had a brief encounter with the Devil's child." She knew I meant Ryan.

Her eyes flew wide open and she pulled me to my feet. "What happened? I swear if he touched you, I'll kill him."

Practice was over and Trent came over and wrapped his arms around Hannah's waist giving her a kiss on the cheek, "Who touched Leah?"

I was about to answer when Hannah answered for me and made things worse, "Ryan touched Leah."

Trent released Hannah and stared at me. I felt completely embarrassed because the rest of the team was staring at me including Mitch. Mitch stood beside Hannah and stared at me. "Leah, when was this?" Mitch asked from where he stood next to Hannah.

I stepped back just as Mitch grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. "After lunch when I was going to run laps, he caught me in the hallway and decided to rate me. I got annoyed and he wanted to finish the rating."

Mitch released my arms and crossed his. "I'm going to kill him." Trent looked at him then back at me. Mitch, Trent and the rest of the team went to get changed and before trying to find Ryan.

Hannah and I head back to our dorm and sat down onto the sofa. Hannah went into her room and came back out in her faded denim skinny jeans and a blue buttoned up shirt. She grabbed her bag and smiled at me. "Are you going to stay here all night?"

I smirked at her, I didn't need to ask where she was going but I knew Trent was involved. "Yeah. Have fun with Trent my dear."

Hannah jumped and hugged me. "You are my best friend in the whole world and I love you more than chocolate."

I hugged her back and said in a baby voice; "I love you more than Pop- Tarts."

Hannah left, and I decided to go for a walk around the school with Serena. We heard cheering and laughter around a corner and went to check it out.

Ryan and his hound dogs were walking and talking about some stupid game they were playing next weekend. Serena left my side and ran over to kiss Ryan. I gagged.

"Baby, I didn't know you were coming to see me. You brought her with you."Ryan said.

His face looked different from the last time I saw him. He had a busted up lip and he didn't give me the half-smile and half smirk. He looked like he had just met his nemesis. I smiled at him and walked over to him.

"I guess my brother gave you a new look, I have to say it is an improvement on what I saw last time." I smirked and started to walk away.

"You're a bitch you know that? You went running off to your brother just because you couldn't handle me yourself." Ryan looked at me with disgust.

I turned around and glared at him. "At least I don't need to bribe a teacher to get what I want."

After I said that I walked off in a huff leaving Serena. How dare he call me a bitch? He's a man-whore that can't keep it zipped up. While I was insulting him in my head I didn't realise the shout from the guys behind me was for me.

"Yo, head's up!" A moment later, I fell on the floor in total darkness.


When that bitch Leah Richards turned up with Serena I was fuming inside, she thought she could fucking turn up and smile at me after what her brother did? Mitch warned me to stay away from her. But did it look like I cared what happened to her? I think not. When I saw her in the hallway after lunch, I thought she would be a fucking good lay and we would have fun, then she opened her trap and that's when the thought of rating her seemed more amusing. Charlie and I learned about the rating system in freshman year from my cousins and had been doing it ever since. We don't give a damn whom the girls were, we would rate them and give them numbers.

When I saw Serena, I knew she would be able to satisfy me. But then I saw that bitch behind her.

"Baby I didn't know you were coming to see me. You brought her with you." I spat out. I could still feel her wetness on my finger and I found that I was enjoying myself. I knew that she knew what I was thinking about because she clenched her legs together. How I had made her moan was beyond me! Then she had to open her trap again, I prefer my girls, to only have their mouths when they are leaning in front of me.

"I guess my brother gave you a new look, I have to say it's an improvement on what I saw last time." I was more than pissed now; she started to walk off smirking. How can she degrade my looks in front of my boys? She may be sexy as hell, but that mouth needed some training.

"You're a bitch, you know that? You went running off to your brother just because you couldn't handle me yourself." I was satisfied that I told her what she really was, I instantly changed my rating of her; she would be good for a couple of months, after some serious training of that body of hers.

"At least I don't need to bribe a teacher to get what I want." When she said that all of my boys were shocked and I knew that she had crossed the line. Charlie was behind me and asked Brett to pass him the ball. He threw it without my consent at Leah and she collapsed to the ground.

I spun around at him and glared, "What the fuck was that for? " I growled.

He shrugged and responded, "She's been pissing me off since 5th grade I had to do something."

I walked over to her and realised that she was unconscious, I bent down and pressed my head to her chest, she was still breathing and I could feel her breasts rising and falling. I picked her up and my hands felt the soft skin on her legs.

Serena ran next to me. "Are you going to take her to the nurse? She'll know what to do."

I stepped away from her and my team and headed in the direction of my dorm. "I'm taking her to my room. The nurse doesn't need to be bothered by anyone." I walked away quickly before anyone could say anything.

Once I reached my dorm, I dumped my bag on the kitchen counter and continued to make my way into the bedroom. My bedroom was actually quite tidy for a guy; I laid her down onto the bed and removed her shoes, socks, and blazer. I pulled down the comforter and placed her in the middle of the bed. Immediately she curled up and I dragged the comforter on top of her but she pushed it down with her legs. I guess she prefers to sleep like that; I sat down on the chair by my desk that was positioned right from the bed. I could see her underwear from where I was sitting; I really wanted to rip it off her and dig my finger deep inside her clit and teach her lesson but that all went away when she breathed very softly.

Later on, I looked at my clock and it was ten in the evening, I had finished all my homework and she was still sleeping peacefully. I got up and walked into the kitchen where I saw Charlie. "Hey man what's up?"

Charlie looked at me worryingly. "I'm sorry man; I didn't mean to hurt her." I poured out a glass of water and left it on the counter and sat in the chair opposite Charlie in the living area.

"Don't worry about it. I think she's better now and just sleeping off the pain. I'll allow her to sleep here tonight but I'm not going to touch her until she's better."

Charlie laughed at me and I looked at him with a puzzled expression on my face. "What the hell is so funny?"

Charlie pointed at me and pulled out the rating book. "You are, that bitch lying in your bed messed with you and got her brother involved and you're not going to touch her."

I looked at Charlie and realised he was right but decided on my previous option. "Nah, I leave her for tonight but tomorrow I'll be back in the game."

Charlie wrote down Leah's rating into the book and pushed it back under the sofa. "Whatever man but I think you like her."

I stood up and pointed at him, "I don't like her I think she'll be a good fuck that's all."

I didn't want to stay there much longer so I grabbed the glass of water and headed back into my room. I saw Leah sitting up straight with the comforter covering her legs and she was glaring at me. The bitch is back!

"What am I doing here?" I saw her checking that all her buttons were intact; she thought I took advantage of her while she was asleep; I'm not that type of guy.

I smirked at her and placed the glass of water by the bedside table, "I took you here when one of my teammates threw a football at you, so I carried you here."

"You carried me as in touched me? Great, I need a shower to get your scent off of me." She fell back on the bed and sighed.

I laughed and handed her the glass, she took a sip then handed it back to me. "At least it was me, if Charlie had taken you; you would have lost your v-card by now."

She was about to get up but I stopped her and she glared at me. "What? I want to go back to my dorm." She pushed my hand away so I went with all guns blazing. I straddled her and pinned her arms to her side.

I saw her chest rising and smirked at her. "You're staying here tonight, it's past curfew and I'm sure you don't want to get into trouble."

She knew I was right so she stopped struggling; I wanted to continue rating her so I took my chance. I pinned both hands above her head with one hand and pushed my body towards her until my lips reached her ears and whispered to her, "You're going to let me continue with the rating, the dorm room is locked and you don't know where the keys are."

I felt her struggle underneath me, so pushed my other hand down to her thigh, I felt her thigh lifting up so I forcefully pushed her legs so she couldn't move anymore. I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her, her lips tasted like nothing I had ever tasted in my life. My hands that pinned her hands let loose and fell to pull her closer to me; her hands wrapped around my waist and gripped onto my shirt. I bit her bottom lip and pushed my tongue onto her lips but she refused to give me access, I felt her hands trail up my chest and wrap around my neck.

I was so lost in the kiss I forgot what I was supposed to be doing, my other hand trailed up her leg until I reached her underwear, I felt the juncture between her legs getting damp so I rubbed my hand near the opening of her clit, she moaned so I took that opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth and explored. I think she realised she was kissing me and she pushed my chest and our lips disconnected. I looked at her and her lips were bruised, she started to struggle again; so I pinned her arms above her head again.

She started to shout at me, so I rubbed harder to stop her shouting and it worked. I heard the door open and saw Charlie standing in his boxers. "What do you want man? I'm rating her at the moment."

Leah's eyes flew wide open and she struggled more when she caught sight of Charlie. Charlie smirked at her and then looked at me. "I thought we could both rate her, once you're done then I will and then we could decide on the rating but I would rather take her now."

I looked at her; she seemed more scared of Charlie than of me. I looked at Charlie and spat out, "Stay away from her. Don't touch her or I'll kill you."

Charlie backed off when I said that and then spoke to Leah, "Don't worry I'll be back Leah."

He left then I turned back to her, my hand was still rubbing against her and I could see that she was tired and ready for me. I released my hand and pushed both hands underneath her shirt to finish the rating; I squeezed her chest and rubbed her nipples that were aching for my touch, they were so tender. I got up and moved away from her. I opened up my drawer and gave her one of my oversized t-shirts to wear. I walked over to her and threw it on the bed. "I won't touch you, I'm done rating. Get changed in that and sleep. I'll see you tomorrow."

I locked my bedroom from the outside so she doesn't get any surprises during the night. I pulled out a blanket and covered myself on the couch. I don't know what happened in there but she satisfied me more than ever without sex. It didn't feel like a rating anymore but it felt, I don't know so much different. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.