Hello, baby, I'm happy to see
You found your way back to me
Pour a cup of apathy and start to drink
I'll sit across from you and try not to think

There's another one waiting, looking around
Baby, I can't keep bringing him down
Why do you think when we kiss I'm awake
I'm trying to live and love for his sake

Together is when we were okay
But then, my love, you decided to stray
You left me here, broken and alone
You made my skies grey and the sun never shone
But you came back to me, oh, baby,
But you came back to me
So why am I not happy?

You're on your last chance with me, take care
And respect me enough to say you'll be there
Hold me tight and maybe I'll believe in this
Talk to me, 'cause you know it's you I miss

I can't kiss you and not think of him
And now I'm working on a whim
Caught in-between love and lust
I don't know who I can trust


I guess I must have gone insane
You're standing on the corner of Main
Do you view me as a ball and chain
Or can I clear your skies and stop the rain?


Prove you're in love, boy
Prove that I'm not just a toy


"Hello Again" -- 12.5.09