A Recipe For Love

Take some attraction and allow to simmer for a bit,

Then add some jokes and the right amount of wit.

Weave in some sultry glances in the dead of night,

Added to flushes and blushes by morning light.


Stir in a held hand and a tentative kiss,

Then a meaningful look you just couldn't miss.

Sprinkle in more kisses that get deeper in time,

Added to a soppy film and a bottle of wine.


Then just like everything, something has to go wrong,

But these little falls only make you strong.

A squeeze of the hand and a kiss to the hair,

Let you know that they'll always be there.


But to this recipe there is an alternative,

One that makes life hard to live.

I bet your mother always told you 'look before you fall',

However this is a fall you can't control at all.


Mix together some jealousy, deceit and lies,

Here is where your heart meets its demise.

You get dragged into a dark tale of love,

And the twisted outcome leaves you crying to the heavens above.


Blend together some temptation and an edge of danger,

And with your heart you begin to carelessly wager.

Stir in a fine line between duty and desire,

You're a prisoner in your own heart, surrounded by fire.


Love leaves you blind or it can cause you to see,

It can leave you trapped or it can set you free.

Well 'love conquers all' or so they say,

And I don't think one of us would have it any other way.

Hey, that was my first poem I've posted on here, please review and give me your comments and any constructive criticism.

X =D