so this is what forever feels like
and i mean that the best way i can
i've never been held this tight
and had it feel quite so right
does it get any better than this? oh man,

i never want you to let go
are you comfy dear? what's the time?
and all i can hear is nature's wind chime
keeping tempo with your beating heart
our breathing synced from rise to fall

time's going so slow, but it seems so quick!
the day is slipping with every clock tick
i'll love you forever, i'd wait here for you
on a grass hill in the breeze with a tree overhead
cuddled close to your ribs, right into this bed

a bed made of grass, a bed made of dreams
the green blades dancing from the air it would seem
keeping my eyes wandering to yours
you are wonderful without a sound
without a smile or a laugh
just sleeping on the ground

the most beautiful thing is being comfortable
saying that, you must be very comfy with me.