I heard your voice yesterday
It was an accident
In the background
And my breath choked down deep
I wanted so much to speak
To yell through the receiver
And say, hey, I'm right here

But you weren't talking to me
I just happened to be
On the receiving end
Of that joke
That plays
In my hollow head
Until the notes in your voice
Send shivers through me
Shade me under the tree
That has no root anymore

When it is right
And it is right
What can a simple soul provide
When the melody decays

Sheet music stripped from my chest
Slipped into the flame forgotten
Reborn into a wanting whine
Lips that never leave
Both to caress and coax the only words that matter

The ones that fit as one

Ten digits
As many fingers as I know so well
That held me closer than death
They did not wish for emptiness

I dial your number