Don't Forget To Dream Of Midnight

Don't forget to dream of midnight
Just when the moon pools all of its light
To a reflection of our feeling
The wave our hearts glide on tonight

It's just as simple as the memory
Of a dusky beachside long ago
Where you said something about stars and swings and stuff and things
And smiled timidly so

The sand set in
Water crashed again
The air felt a little cold
You reached aside my breast
I pulled you near and said, now listen dear
I only have forever's long request

If you ever wanted more than this
I would set down my work and weep
For all the photographs and simple rhymes
I let my bashful conscience keep
But with you here under the covers now
I know I've never wanted more than this
Sweet song nestled alongside me
Your silent smile to guide me
Into stories of our everlife

So don't forget to dream of midnight
The hour when we begin anew
Next to me just silently drift
To let my heart repeat and lift
And dream my life with you