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The dress was white, with ruffles draping down and covering my legs. At my thighs and up, the rest of my dress was compressed together in a form of layers. The strap of the dress went around my neck, leaving my back exposed. My veil was down to my shoulders, and white lilies embedded the top of the tiara. My chocolate locks were tied in a messy bun hidden behind my tiara. My ocean-blue eyes came alive, the colors dancing like the waves of the sea. Bright and peaceful, yet mysterious and moving. The small smile topped it all off, finished it like a cherry on top of a sundae. I was a wonder, vain, but truthfully, I couldn't recognize myself.

It was perfect. Every detail of the dress was in perfect match with my dreams. This was the dress of my dreams. Underneath, I wore a pair of simple, white heels, but they wouldn't be noticed much as I would walk down the aisle with a bouquet of white lilies to match the ones on my tiara.

"I think we need a dress that isn't this revealing," Tanya said as she reached for a part of the ruffles. I gently slapped her hand away. "No!" I protested, "I love it! It's amazing, it's stunning, it's just... me. It's not revealing at all."

Tanya gave me a hard, thoughtful look after she observed my dress. "I don't know," she still objected, "I think you can do better, Em." I pouted as I stared back at my reflection. "No," I repeated softly, "I can't do better, Tanya. I have to have this one."

Tanya groaned, "But we just started, Em. There could be a better dress than this one." Honestly, I didn't believe it. "I don't want to try other dresses, Tanya. I want this one. It's my wedding, and I'll wear what I want," I snapped at her.

Tanya raised her hands up in defeat and backed away with a scowl plastered on her lips. I sighed and stepped off the elevated altar. "I'm sorry," I mumbled and sat down. Tanya sat down next to me, draping her arm across my shoulders with a curtain of comfort.

"It's alright. I know you're stressed about the wedding." I smirked at her and glanced at my engagement ring, spinning it around on my finger. There was a small diamond on it, and on the other side were the engraved words My Angel. It was an odd choice of words because I never felt like an angel to Kevin. I never did anything angelic.

"Sometimes..." I hesitated, turning towards Tanya, "I feel like I'm rushing into this. I'm very young, I still have plenty of time, but... I love Kevin." I shifted my gaze away and shook my head to myself. I did love Kevin, I wanted to marry him. There was nothing stopping me but me. "Sometimes," I added, "I sound stupid. Like I'm making no sense."

Tanya nodded and grinned at me. "Yeah, you also sometimes sound like a four-year old. 'It's my wedding, and I'll wear what I want!'" she mocked me. I laughed at her imitation of me, and she slid her arm off of me, patting my arm. "So is this the dress you want?"

"Absolutely!" I proclaimed. Tanya rolled her eyes and shouted to the lady that worked there, "Excuse me? We've made our decision!"

We made the order for my beautiful dress to arrive two weeks before my wedding, or in five weeks. We walked out of the store laughing and eagerly chatting about the event, stopping for a quick treat of ice cream. Tanya paid with a celebratory wave of her strawberry ice cream cone.

"You know, I had a really bad dream last night," she was telling me as she licked her cone. I was already wiping off a stain off the top of my shirt. "A bad dream last night? Puh-lease tell me this isn't one of those I-can-see-the-future! ones."

"No," Tanya angrily said, "This was different. It was like I was there. A past life, maybe? What do you think?" I shrugged.

"I don't know, Tanya. What did you see in the dream?" Tanya shook her head, deep and lost in her own thought. "I don't know," she admitted, "I don't remember. But I was someone else." My teeth were aching on freezing pain, and I slightly shivered. I threw away my ice cream at the nearest trash can.

"I don't believe in past lives and all that kind of stuff, Tanya. Lots of people have those kind of dreams." Tanya did not want to give up from the looks of it, but remained quiet for the rest of the walk to our apartments. We passed our favorite stores, but didn't feel like going inside them to buy a little something for ourselves. The walk wasn't long before we reached our homes.

I opened the door for Tanya, but she stormed in without sparing me a glance. We walked up to our cramped apartment doors, on the same floor, before Tanya faced me and sighed.

"Em, just... be careful." My eyes looked both ways before I shrugged and asked her why. "Because," she paused, "I don't think it was a past life. I do remember one thing." I didn't care to know what it was, but didn't want to seem rude. "What?" I asked uninterestingly. Tanya's expression was dead serious as she calmly replied, "Because I saw my reflection in a puddle. I was you."

With that, she turned around, unlocked her door, and went inside.

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