With the might of all the erosion the ice
Caused over the millennia of the prehistoric
Captured in the weight of my thrust
I stabbed my sword into the ground
To ensure we survive

Or I tried to
As the fabled blade I felt was true
Splintered as it split a blade of grass
Full well in two
Not the effect one would expect
From the saviour of cities
The learned man from the hills beyond
Cased in candour
And intention at the least

But my sword would not be buried
No dirt to whet along the shaft
It blasted apart and cast itself about me
As if to mimic the mania I faced

The forest fleed from life
All green winnowing away
The waters dripped one last time cross stone
As crows cast out over the many dead
Captured by a foreign find
Not seen until the night

So with my might and magic
I aimed to heal all ailing earth
And strike frightening down to waken
All the sprites sleeping beneath
The ones that giggle and renew
How all blooms flower
And all ants cower around the sound
Of men and women digging

And I had it true
In the unspoken word
Sword driving, diving, dying down

And I had thought of you
Greater magic never known
Felt your sight at my left
Your touch at my right
The lines your smile pronounced
Upon watching me fall over myself
Getting out of my clothes

That and the fact you died
From what was lost
And my briefest lack of tact
Both then as now
Was enough for intention
To correct and counter
For me to feel one lifetime longer
The space you filled
Beside my ear
To hear you say
You tried, my dear