Highway for miles, it's all I can see. Getting darker sooner these days, ever since our forefathers decided to turn back time and shoot our mother planet days ahead into the future -- we're turning into the persistence of memory with every daylight saving hour we use. All melting clocks and not enough cool to keep them whole.

But I can't say that's what this is about. Not that this is about anything. I'm just driving.

Got the steering wheel under my palms, all dark and leather sweat, with a broken radio bursting in and fading out with blips and blurts of local news, some Johnny Cash, an ad for single men looking for love in all the wrong places. No; that was just the next song.

The moon is dull tonight. It's not like I could use it to see, but tonight, gotta be a cloud cover. Maybe the universe falling in on us, collapsing the stars until everything is black, until no one can see and we all die alone.

Except you and me.

I still can't believe you're here with me now. So still, so beautiful. I wish I could just stare at you, for hours and days on end, but the road is keeping us apart. Have to keep driving, seeking for the end, going until there's no gas left and even then we'll just get out and walk, and even when our feet fall apart and our bones crunch against the gravel on the side of the pavement, we'll fall to our knees and crawl the rest of the way, until we get there, until some kind soul sees us and allows us haven inside his truck bed, if only to take us away to a place that we know we'll never escape.

It doesn't matter to me. I have you, I'll be with you, and even if someone holds me hostage and ties my hands behind my back, binding them until my fingers swell and purple and then shrivel up to become useless prunes, I'll scream through the pain with a smile on my face, just because you're by my side.

But right now, it's just you and me and the dark night highway, the radio turned off and only the soft hum of tires on the road to keep us company. The needle on the gas meter hovers over empty, and I know I'll have to pull over soon. We're miles into nowhere, our minds and bodies simply with each other, not caring that no one may ever find us again, that it's just us from here on out, and the engine stutters to a stop and forces me to stop driving. We'll just sleep until the morning, rest and ready ourselves for the rest of our journey, while the night moon watches over us, the smell of silence in the air.

The heat of sun wakes me early, and I blink away my sleepiness, rubbing my knuckles across my eyes. Barely bright, but I've grown so used to night, what with how we ran away and were always safe inside before the day started up again. But now, I can truly see you, every blessed feature on your beautiful face. Lips parted and falling apart, nose nothing left but a mess of cartilage, cheeks sunken muscle decayed, exposing the jaw that lies beneath.

Yes, my dear, you may be cold now, rotting away until nothing is left but bones, but not even death can keep me from loving you, wanting you by my side, today and every day from now until the end of the world.

I kiss your dead skin and it makes me feel alive.


a/n: Written for December's Writing Challenge Contest, via The Review Game forum. This month's prompt was "in transit." If you'd like to vote for me or check out the other pieces submitted (or even enter yourself), go to The Review Game's forum and click on Writing Challenge Contest. :)