Quibilah snatched her laptop, backpack and suitcase and followed the rest of her class out of the plane.

Her eyes were half-closed from lack of sleep and nothing in the world could have prepared her for the blazing Egyptian sun. Quibilah and her classmates were staring in awe and wonder at the blazing ball of light as they stepped off the plane.

"Move it along people!" Their teacher Ms Desmind cried out.

She and Mr. Harving were standing in the middle of the runway, waiting for the class to get off the plane. They both seemed not to notice the sweltering change in heat and it seemed as if they had lived here all their life.

"How do they do that?!" Bianca whispered in Quibilah's ear.

Bianca was Quibilah's best friend and had been since their first year of Intermediate. Now, in Year 11 and 16 years old they were still there for each other.

Quibilah and Biancas class was taking a trip to Egypt and visting different places and just getting to know the locals.

Quibilah grinned as she pulled her sunglasses out of her pocket. "Welcome to Egypt, B." And with that she took of towards her teachers.

"Girls are on the second floor and boys are on the third. No sneaking into each others rooms...and NO FIGHTS." Ms Desmind said, directing the last part at a group of boys that half of which looked drunk and the other half were either shoving each other playfully or checking the girls sitting near by.

Quibilah leaned back in her chair and started fanning herself with a nearby pamphlet.

The class had been sitting the lobby of a sweltering hotel in Cairo, Egypt for the past half an hour. Ms Desmind had been lecturing them for the whole half an hour on the 'Rules and Regualtions'. Quibilah kept glancing over at the air conditioner that hung on the wall, checking for the 100th time that it was actually on.

Glancing over at Mr. Harving who was silently standing behind the students, Ms Desmind sighed and said, "All right. Go get your rooms sorted out. Lunch will be at 12:30 sharp in the lobby. DON'T BE LATE."

Excited and babbling students rushed to the stairs. Quibilah and Bianca were one of the first to arrive at the second floor and ripped open doors until they found the best one.

"Bagsies!" they both cried and then ran into the room, flung their luggage onto one of the two beds and slammed the door shut behind them.

"Wow!" Bianca cried out, rushing over to the balcony. She stared out at the pyrimads looming in fornt of her and said, "Q, come here!"

"I know." Quibilah sighed. "They're beautiful." Following the path of her friend, Quibilah stepped out onto the balcony. "I can't help but feel as if I've been here before."

Bianca burst out laughing. "Stop messing around!"

Quibilah grinned cheekily and said, "All right. If I must."

Bianca rolled her eyes and stepped back into the room. She flipped open her suitcase and started laying her clothes out on her bed.

"So....." Bianca said, a grin coming over her face. "Obejective One for the trip a.k.a Plan 'Hotties'"

Quibilah walked back inside and closed the balcony door.

Bianca flopped down onto her bed and said, "Let's talk boys." Quibilah rolled her eyes and sat down on the bed opposite Bianca. "And not just any boys, smoking hot Egyptian boys!" Bianca squealed.

"And what would your boyfriend think about this?" Quibilah asked, one eyebrow raised.

"He's back in New Zealand." Bianca dismissed. " Anyway, where do you think we should start looking?" Quinilah rolled her eyes and flopped backwards on the bed.

After lunch there was a class trip planned a class trip to visit the city of Helwan.

"Helwan is a two and a half hour drive from Helwan a group of about 4000 people live peacfully. These people still follow the old ways of the Egyptians and call themselves 'The Loyal Followers of Faith'. They do not use technology nor machines but many toursits visit to see how they live. They live about a 10 minute drive out of Helwan. The Egyptians there are 'pure-blooded' which means that they are descended from the very first Egyptians. The group's leader or 'Pharoah' is a 22 year-old man called Anhur, named after an Egyptian God of the Sky. His name means 'Skybearer' and he is greatly revered by his followers. His father was the pharoah before him and his father's father and so on. Some even say that you can trace his bloodline all the way back to one of the Pharaohs in B.C ."*

Quibilah read out of a pamphlet they had all been given.

The class was sitting in an open top bus and flying through sand and dust.

Bianca and Quibilah were sitting together looking through the pamphlet.

"Blah, blah, blah." Bianca said. "All I wanna know is if he's hot or not!"

Quibilah hit Bianca on the back of the head with the pamphlet.

"What was that for?!" Bianca cried out in indignation.

"We're supposed to be learning, you idiot, not trying to pick up Egyptian royalty!"

"Well excuse me, but if I marry him then I'll be queen and then we'll see how you feel about your precious 'learning'!" Bianca said, using her fingers as quote marks.

Quibilah just shook her head.

"What?! I mean have you seen the things the guys wore back then?! They were like, all bare-chested and muscly. Except they wore skirts.....what was up with that, anyway?"

Quibilah sighed and wondered how her friend managed to get off topic so easily.

The rest of the journey was quite apart from when Sally Whitman and Marc Jacobson decided to have a go at ear kissing and Ms Desmind found them.

When the bus finally stopped, every one got off only to come face to face with a well-looked-after temple.

A well-built man came strolling out and stopped in front of the group. He had no shirt and was wearing a linen kilt that came down to his knees.

Bianca elbowed Quibilah in the ribs and whispered in her ear. "See? I told you."

Quibilah didn't reply but just rolled her eyes. The man conversed with the teachers for a while and it soon became apparent that he was their guide.

Ms Desmind nodded at the man and he stepped in front of the class and started speaking.

"Hello and welcome. I am Akhom and I will be guiding you around our homes. This," he said, motioning to the building in front of them, "Is the East wing of The Temple of the Gods. Today we shall explore the Temple, the Palace and the Inner City. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I shall answer as best I can." With that they took off.

The buildings were beautiful. For some odd reason Quibilah felt right at home. Also, every now and then she kept getting strange looks from Akhom, but she was the only one to notice.

As the class was walking through the South Wing of the Palace and Akhom was talking about the carvings on the pillars and the walls, one of the many guards standing around the palace came up to Akhom and started talking swiftly and quietly with him.

The guards wore metal breastplates and linen kilts and held short spears. They had been reassured that they would not be harmed by them, but some people still felt at unease around them.

Quibilah managed to catch pieces of their conversation.

"My lord, are you sure?" The guard asked with a frown on his face.

"Yes." Akhom whispered urgently. "He needs to know. Go tell him that she is here and that I will meet him soon."

The guard nodded and took off.

As the group entered the Inner Palace a man walked into the room and Akhom and the guards dropped to the floor, bowing.

Bianca and Quibilah exchanged glances and lowered themselves to the floor as the rest of the class and Mr Harving and Ms Desmind did.

The man laughed and shook his head. "It is alright." he said. "You may stand."

Akhom and the class stood, but the guards remained on the floor.

Quibilah made her way to front of the group to try and see what was going on. When they got to the front they saw a very handsome man.

He had short, jet black hair, was wearing no shirt and very obviously worked out a lot. He was wearing a knee-length linen kilt and had a long gold braclet clamped on his left arm. His skin was quite tanned as most of the people in Egypt were.

"My friend, Akhom!" he exclaimed as he and Akhom shook hands, a wide grin spreading across the man's face. "I hear you have....."

"Yes." Akhom grinned eagerly. The man's eyes widened in shock and then another grin broke out across his face.

"Excellent." The man then turned to face the class.

"Welcome." he said, his gaze drifting over the class, who were buzzing in excitement. "My name is Anhur and I would like to welcome you to my home." he said as his gaze finally settled on Quibilah.

*All figments of my imagination. Not actually real.

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