I waited for you
three days;
ten days;
it was a broken record for me.
I missed you the whole time
and wondered if I ever crossed your mind.
Love is patient, love is kind.

You showed me so much kindness
even when I barely knew you;
when I cried over the death of my
you were there to comfort me,
and I had no idea who you were.

You keep me grounded
when my head begins to swell,
reminding me there's still
work I need to do,
and do it better.

Your self control is unbelievable;
but waiting to kiss just your
lips was well worth it,
even if I had to steal
the first one.

When you make me angry
(and it was only once)
I can't stay that way for long;
forgiveness comes just as
quick as anger did.
Love does not keep record of wrongdoings.

And when you tell me you love me,
I know it's as true -
because love rejoices in the truth
- as the Word of God itself;

because of you,
I know God exists.

Because of you,
my hope resides in God
Who strengthened me to endure
having to let you go;

even if you never left.

Love never ends.

Dedicated to my one true love, after God; J'adorez-vous, ma lumiere.