A/N: Here we are with a random poem of mine. I was just sitting around and I started writing down what I was thinking at the moment. I know, this can be considered as pretty extreme, but welcome to my life! Please R&R!

Obeying Submission

By: SilverIsamu

I can't ever remember a time

When I surrendered all of myself to a certain thing

Never has anyone been able to completely beat me into submission

And I don't at least have a single thought during their control about getting away

It would be nice to one day experience what it is like to obey

To take all of that person's wishes and make sure they were my command

To only care about that person

To only see that one person, even when others are around

And at the end of the day, fall into them without blinking an eye

I'd be their property, and they my owner

Some of you might be wondering why, why would I degrade myself like that?

Well, I'll tell you

The feeling of belonging to someone has never rushed over me

Not even when I am close to handing myself over, I can never truly obey them

Defiance is in my blood

It is who I am

I just shrug it off as a want, a need to be stubborn

I can't be controlled

You say up, and my soul says down

You say speak, and I try my hardest not to make a sound

I hear silence, and if there ever was an award for noise, I'd win the crown

I want to know what those whom I once controlled felt

Whenever they went to do my bidding

I want to know, who can take me…?

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