caution: my mind is under construction.
don't take anything i say today, the wrong way
my body is just tired of trying to recover
every part of me wants to return under the covers.

oh, and the worst part of it all,
i can't be there when the night starts to fall
to reassure you that i'll be better tomorrow
or that i'll be with you if you call, but i can't.

meanwhile, while my head revives itself,
i suppose i'll write you songs and rhymes
that one day will sit bound upon your shelf

these cloudy days make me miss you more than usual
i've missed the sun for the last few days, i've missed the shine
i miss you laying next to me, knowing you'll always be mine.

it wont be long, i promise,
till i will see you again through bright eyes
until then, we'll wait for brighter skies.