i tell you things to your back , in case you actually do hear me .
epitome of great

i tell you that one day, i am going to be

a solo act, one of my own kind

not to be weighed down by some guy

who thinks he's the epitome of great and awesome

and you only look at me knowingly

as if there's something i don't know

there probably is.

then, months later, i look back

and tell myself what a stupid thing that was to say

because suddenly, my world revolves around


you come over to me, cocky & great & awesome

and ask if i'm not at all weighed down at all

that everything's all great still

i'm a solo act, right?

one of my own kind.

i smile, all cocky as well, and go away

instead of telling you the truth

that i wish i was not in love with you

i am not in love with you

i will never be in love with you

now that would make me a crazy good liar.