i cannot admit what isn't true, because the law of morality is that
you stick to your principles, whatever they are.

he has curly dark hair pinned beneath a white toque

and pale skin like snow

and his eyes are half-closed, as if he is sleepy.

he does not look like a science teacher.

furthermore, he does not act like a science teacher.

it does not help my 92% average that he barely stops to mark

anything i do; he skims over it carelessly and throws it back to me every time

saying, 'good job, good job.'

he lets us do whatever we want for a period as long as we do as he says

for one measly period a day

therefore (three dots assembled in a triangle, one top, two bottom),

he really bothers me.

his desk is forever untidy, with coffee crisp wrappers thrusted underneath the pile

to hide the fact that he is not a student

but an adult who is more childish than i am.

as he reads aloud names for attendance, his voice skits lightly over my name

'chelsea,' he says, and it feels like a butterfly,

'i'd like for you to stay after school.'

i cannot disagree.

'your grades are plummeting,' he tells me cheerily and

i resist the urge to smack him in the face, then and there;

instead i stand my ground and glare at him.

'i'd like for you to stay after school until your grade gets above 70 again.'

again, he makes it hard for me not to agree.

suddenly, june comes and passes and

i'm not sure how this is--dark curly hair that bounces when not under

'the toque' and his pale snow skin and his sleepy eyes

they're actually quite deceiving--how they seem so useless

for i am an honours-with-distinction student.

he does not look like a science teacher, and he does not act like one;

but i will fairly admit that, as he is a science teacher,

he's pretty decent for that..