The Greenest Garden

A young woman released her tools for the day
Gardening yellow-blue plants for public display

So much depends upon
The presentation
Pleasing the people
But the pleas in her spirit
Still left her empty

With more to give
And many to see
She set out
Beyond the four pillars
To those souls in need

Her first visit
Santamaria town
Children sulking around
In the fountain and the fair
Wherein she saw light for a time yet to come
And gave unto them both myth and mirth
In the form akin to this
With notes inspired from ages past
To teach and treasure
Turning tasks to leisure
They joiced and repaid her the symbol of the saint

In a neighbouring village
She saw malady strike
For which words could not speak
Youth without walking
Left in homes, immobile
Ridiculed by the ignorant
For a bit of bad luck
Instead of nodding and moving on
As we are oft to breathe
These, she brought into the sun
To illustrate to all that
Fate, once cruel, twice kind
Can bring a smile to a small face
Move five rings in a race
To show the world that idle legs
Cannot prevent will from worth

Along a tire-tread path
Two twins, tired of treading the same ground
Argued around her
Annoying all who tried to pass
She gave to each a lute identical
That neither could discern whose was paramount
And so they found
Harmony resounded a fairer traveled companion
Than the traffic of discontent

Near Wex's Ford
She found horses expired
They strode too fast
For their many carriers
And could move no more
Whispering to her steed
She freed him to his new friends
Turning two to three
So that with speed renewed
They continued their route

At the emperor's gates
A healer brought his students
To tend to their past
But he could not fend past the great walls
Hoisted by the emperor to keep outcasts out
They compelled the guards, were thus repelled
Left forever to wish for what they knew by word alone
The woman heard this
Sat them down, the healer, too
And spoke a tale of 9000 years
Greenest region, a case in castes
Empire built in violence
(As all histories come about)
But learning to live beyond it
And by closing her eyes, she closed theirs
Dreaming of green fields denied
Then with eyes wide, they woke
The woman gone
The students now within the walls
Their lesson found within themselves

When the sun let go of its bright handle
Our lady's trail at an end
The trial of understanding
Met round each bend
She returned to the pillars four
Seeing smiles in others, new fruit now born
The warmth she sought at her plan's start
The smile she felt inside her heart