hot water & steam swirl around our naked bodies. your hands touch my
bare skin; my back arches. my breasts are pressed
against your chest, skin touching skin, soul touching soul. [memory
slips in: bathtub, steamy windows. can't get my hair wet. can't
let my parents find out about
. i push it from my mind.] your lips collide with mine, my hand
finds the back of your neck—i draw you in closer. your tongue is
inside my mouth. my body is on fire. your hips press against mine.

the sound of the water running drowns out
my soft moaning("pleasemitchpleasepleasemoreplease")—disjointed
syllables that never make it past my brain anyway—as your
mouth traces my neck, my shoulders, my fingers, things unseen
by anyone but me.

i snap off the water(sorry baby, fun time's over)& conceal my
curves under your towel. [little truth: did i ever tell you i don't
like when you can feel me up with your eyes?
touch me with your hands, baby, but
don't fucking look at me
.] i see your eyes, hungry, trying to get
a peek—not a chance in hell. i smile. "you're cute." you smile. "you're
" your words make me melt. your dimples make the puddle of me
evaporate. "yeah, but you're cute." your sweet lips

touch mine again, our wet bodies press together again. i love (you)
being so close. your arms encircle me again—& our embrace is cut
short. a polyphonic ringtone drifts through the air. "shit. that'll be
my parents." i would give anything to go back & finish what we started—
to finish that hug, to be carried back to your bed, & to fall asleep
on top of your warm body.

a/n: I love this piece. =] Anyone else?
New style. It took forever to write.

Tonight was amazing. Never felt so
connected to him before...