Coffee Shop
Summary: A boy waits outside in the snow, trying to work up the nerve to talk to the girl in the coffeeshop. One-Shot Fluff

The snow gently ebbed down through the sky, landing on Skylar's sweater. His breath creates mist as he paces outside of the small coffee shop. People walk past, glancing at the strange boy pacing the sidewalk, just standing in the way of customers. He sits down on the bench, not sure of himself at all.
Skylar looks behind himself and into the coffee shop, looking for that one girl he's been waiting for all night. He lifts his brown bangs out of the way, making sure to scan it quickly before any patrons think him crazy or creepy.
Too late.
The big guy at the window glares at Skylar and gives him the finger and Sky turns back around, embarrassed and sad. "I got to do this," is his only thought. He planned this night to be the night he would ask her. And not just for a cup of coffee with three sugars.
Skylar couldn't help but think about Tracy's long blond hair, flowing down onto her chest, covering half her face. He could already imagine her blue eyes staring into his, smiling her singular smile and asking him a single question: "What would it be tonight, Skylar?"
Most nights he would answer with his own smile back at her and say "Just a coffee, three sugars please," and most nights that would be the end of it. She would make it, he would pay, she'd say thank you and he would be off, beating himself up for not making the move. That was most nights. Tonight however was not most nights.
Skylar lifted himself off the bench and started for the door, ready to open it and when walked up to the counter and she would ask him that question, he wouldn't say a coffee. That was the plan.
He reached the door and the lights inside went off, turning the place dark except for the light above the counter, illuminating Tracy's feature in a noir-ish way. The owner walked up and pointed to the sign: Closed. Skylar sighed and turned around.
He blew it once again. He kicked the snow against the building, careful not to kick any on any passersby's. With one more sigh of compliance he started walking down the street, taking slow strides.
Skylar turned around, startled at the sound. Tracy came running over to him with one cup of coffee in her hands. He put on his smile as she can running up beside him. "Hello" was the only thing he could manage.
"Well, I saw you at the door and most nights when you come in you order a coffee with three sugars. I thought I'd do you a favor." She grinned as she told him; instinctively they both started walking down the street together.
Skylar took the coffee from her outstretched hand.
"Thank you, Tracy, I was hoping for a coffee tonight, I just got here late."
"No you didn't, he just closed down early. But, I thought you might need a hot something, you've been standing out here for a while now. But I got to go help close up, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
As she started back towards the coffee shop he yelled a bye and started walking again, a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eye. Then he realized what she had just said. It made his smile bigger. She noticed.

A/N: Its been a great long while since I have written anything. Hoping to get back on the horse.