Cravat – Prompt # 13 - Lace

"The Hell-?" Tom snorted as he held up the delicate, white material in front of him, brow furrowed with disbelief and anger. "You have got to be fucking kidding me! They can't seriously expect me to wear this!"

Rob glanced up from the magazine he was reading and stared at the object in his lover's hands for a full ten seconds before bursting into uncontrollable hysterics. The wardrobe department had really outdone themselves this time! Suddenly he was looking forward to watching Tom's new play more than ever…

"Nice," he chuckled, reaching out to pull on a corner of the lace cravat as Tom glared daggers at him. "Suits you, sir."

"Shut up," Tom grumbled moodily, leaning down to kiss him.

(121 words)

A/N:- Poor Tom, lol!

But, I agree with Rob, "suits you, sir!" (grins)