There's A Shadow On The Horizon

There's a shadow on the horizon.
Sooty black clouds
gather in the dark azure
A chilly spark in the air
all goes silent, suddenly, softly.

The wind cuts the air like a whip
whistling, whining, wailing
Hail the size of stones
bangs on metal roofs
as the thunder clap booms

Branches and rocks leap into the sky
like feathers, airborne
a dangerous funnel,
a raging inferno
The diablo cloud stalks across the horizon.

A/N: I've never actually experienced a tornado (fortunately), I hope it doesn't show too much, haha.

Diablo = Spanish for devil. I speak zero Spanish, but I think the word "demonio" might fit better in this context . . . however, I chose "diablo" because it's more recognizable to English speakers and it just sounds better.