I had never seen such a beautiful girl before. Long and curly hair, dark brown eyes, stunning lips, hot body. Muy bonita. Who could even imagine that I would meet a girl like this in La Casa Verde, my favorite bookstore, where I usually talk to old men who get surprised when I tell them I'm studying Literature in San Marcos, the most famous Peruvian university. But it was real. She was there, reading Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

-Good book, right? – I said

-Yup, it's good- she said gently-. What book are you looking for?

-Abril Rojo.

-Good one. I read it last month. You live around here?

-Yup. In front of Palacio de Gobierno. In an apartment building called El Virrey.

-Really? Haha


-That place is special to me, you know.

-How come?

-Cause I was involved ina love story when I was una niña, a little girl.

-Really? Tell me about it.

-Well, there was this guy called Julio…

And then I remembered everything. I remembered Selene. I remembered that little girl asking if I had a nice voice because she needed a boy with a great voice to sing Vivo por ella. I remembered myself saying I was the best singer ever. I remembered her smiling and saying she was very lucky to found me. I remembered us singing that beautiful song. I remembered our kisses. I remembered the hugs. I remember we were seven.

She finished telling me the story with a big smile on her face.

-I still have this gold chain he gave me- Selene said.

-That one that says Nunca te olvidaré, I will never forget you- I said without looking at it.

-How come you know that?

-I bought it about ten years ago, Selene.

She said nothing. I didn't know what to do. I thought we could start by telling each other what we were doing for a living or maybe sing a song together again. Maybe Tú estás aquí de nuevo, You're here again.

Suddenly a guy called her

- Selene, we have to go now, babe. Our daughter is waiting for us outside.