Salty air sends wisps of memories cascading through my mind. Laughter of so long ago as we ran along the beach, or caught our dreams on the waves. Our guardians used to call us back when we were younger.

We used to say, "They are afraid we won't come back, that's how happy we are here, alone together."

If the moon was high in the sky we had stayed too late - but did we care? Time was nothing. Happiness didn't have a time frame, or a stamp of reality. I remember it well. Stars would guide us along our paths. Leaves and shells surrounded us, and we whispered gentle touches. Silent melodies only we could hear. Even the storms that swept across the island could not ruin our lives.

Do you remember any of it where you are? Are you waiting for me? You told me to recall it all and to know that no matter what happens, you love me forever. Nothing can tear our love.

Your voice is in my ear when I need you. That one tune that you drove me to distraction with, that song I used to spite. I find my voice sings it sometimes. Laughter usually follows as I realize what I am doing.

I feel your hands when the sadness overcomes all other emotions. Fingers linking with mine, or flicking the bit of hair that tends to stick up. I even feel you poking me in the sides when I start to grumble like an old man.

Everything thinks I am so sad. One man says I will pine away for the rest of my life. I won't let that happen, I'll find another to share life with, but I will still remember you. That can't be a sin. Maybe your loss will always be in my heart, but sitting next to it will be joy, because you gave me that. You taught me to care about myself. You instilled the lesson of love. Strange, isn't it? How two children lost to the world can find solstice together.

Yellow roses used to be a sign of jealousy. Some still say they are. You said they were shaped out of gold.

The lady I bought one from thought I was odd, especially after I told her what I plan on doing with it.

So here I am with warm water in between my toes, salty air getting into everything, and stars guiding me along the shore. I take a deep breath. Moonlight dances around the horizon. My hand reaches out.

I let the rose fall to the ocean, let the currents sweep it away, and I hope that it will somehow end up at your grave.