Project of the Young Minds: In the Beginning

by Naccho1sgreat


On a normal day in a world, that will never exist in the universe, called "Elemental Plains". Elemental Plains is a very large planet with clear skies and green grass, trees and plants easily restored at a moment's notice, animals able to communicate with each other. However the people of this world are not as merciful. Power hungry are some that are in power is just some of the normal problems that we face every day (with the exception of most electronics, not many guns used either, and very much used to hand-to-hand combat) yes even romance has its toll on some. The lives of the people are very long and equally miserable in some cases.

But this story is not about every one it's about a single kid whose name he cannot yet remember, just lost his most of his memory of family at such a young age. A kid with black hair up and to the left, defying gravity, eyes that look that they have many things wrong this world and a dark black color. A face that is slightly covered by a jacket that is white with long, striped, blue sleeves at the bottom. Under the jacket he wore black jeans, with a red patch on the left knee, and black shoes with blue shoestrings. He is not very talkative with anyone, but very powerful in strength. Age 14. Pale skinned, and has a dark presence surrounding him at most times. Element type: darkness.

Along with him there is another companion for he travels with named Kyle, just 4 years younger than X (name given to the one without a name), has short red hair, not as tall as X's hair, he is not as tall but very intelligent. He has very thick glasses, that without them he is as blind as night without the light, wears a light yellow jacket with a black, striped hood, with a black cat on the front of the jacket on the chest. Also, wears light blue jeans with big pockets for ammo and pouch for money (aka: karrots). Has a pair of light blue shoes. Weapon type: crossbows and guns. Element type: wind.

As our young travelers walk into town, named "Pollen", they needed a place to stay. Most places in this world would not take any one under the age of 16, since that was the age that was to be considered grown and able to live by one's self, but since X was fairly known around these parts, no one really had a problem with him or Kyle. None except one particular inn called the Bloody Drunk. It really didn't matter if you had anything famous about you. If you are under the age of eight-teen years you just was not getting a room at all. Why, well it was because it was the only inn for at least a 5-day walk. With big, clear glass on the in the middle of each door, bronze knobs on each side. Bricked walls all around the outside of the inn with two floors of windows that without shades, you could see every detail in each room.

Now as the young lads entered the inn, with little stress at all, but as X walked up to the counter, as Kyle at least a good ten feet behind but further away from the front, the owner would not even give them the time of day to even see why they showed up. Now why would I bring this up, you will see in the next chapter to come. Just kidding! If you really thought I would end a chapter in only one page, you are dead wrong, but on with the story.

The first thing that is spoken in this part of time was from the lips of non-other than our low voiced character, X, as he asked for a room in the most non-expressionless face he didn't even try to make, and with a voice that was a bit too low for some one at the age of i have said before, the old man would not allow minors ( A/N as the way we see it) so the obvious chain of event that will occur in the next chapter cause i am too lazy to go any further with this chapter now. please review so i can move on to the next chapter.