Skins. V. Stars

Jenny is watching the Redskins vs. Dallas game where the Skins are losing 2-25. Stacy is the classic cheerleader…enough said.

Jenny. C'mon guys run it this it.. run it, RUN IT!!!!! (silently watches, but is still worked up) NOOO! You idiots! Ugh.(Leans back in chair) I bet they run it this time. (J watches as something bad happens) NOOOOOOOOOOOO! (falls infront of t.v) Why?
(Stacy enters)
Stacy.(cheering) Do a split, give a yell, throw a fit for-...Who's that?
(Jenny has, I guess, a depressed sounding voice through the next few lines(I'll describe it to you Jay))
J. Tony Romo.

S. Well, that doesn't rhyme.

J. I know.

S. (awkward silence) So... who has two points?

J. The Skins.

S. Who are you you cheering for?

J. The Skins.

S. Baha. That sucks.

J. (slightly less depressed voice) Yep.

S. So why are you still rooting for them.

J. (Completely inspired, like in Moulin Rouge) Why? You ask why?(emphasis on the "h" like in "cool hwip") Because of loyalty! Because of faith! Becau-

S. BEcause you already bought the jersey? (laughs)

J. No, I have faith in whatever team I'm cheering for. Unlike some people.

S. Excuse me? I have faith in whatever team I'm cheering for, thank you.

J. Yeah that's why whenever your team starts losing you walk around the field and start cheering for them, so you can have "faith" in the winning team.

S. Not true. I've never done that.

J. You've done that six- no wait five times. It would've been six, but the first time youo tried it you walk across the field, got tackled and never made it across to the other side. (laughs)

S. That wasn't funny. I had a bruise. On My Face.

J. That was the best part: your face! (looks at tv.) No, get him! GET HIM!!

S.(cheers) Go, Go- Go Romo.

J. (still intently watching the screen) That's not Tony Romo.

S. But, it rhymes.

J. (GASPS) YESSSSSS! YESSS! Run it Run it RUN ITTT!!! Go baby go! WOOOOOOOOOOO! TOUCH DOWN REDSKINS!!!!!!!!! Hail to the Redskins Hail Victory Br-

S. (snorts) Victory? We still have a twenty point lead on you.

J. That would be sixteen points, uhh try taking a math class. And you're a "we" now? You've been watching this game for like two minutes.

S. And? The Stars are my team now.

J. Stars?

S. Yeah they have stars on their helmets.

J. Yeah sure, thats their name.

S. (Cheering:)Let's go Stars, You can stop the Wars(pronounced to rhyme with stars.)

J. Wars?

S. Yeah like with the fighting and stuff. Gosh and you call me dumb. (J shakes her head. S start exiting cheering:) Let's go stars, You can open Jars. Hey! That rhymes. (completely offstage)

J. (leans back on couch) C'mon boys lets beat them. (watches as something bad happens...again) Oh forget this. Let's go Stars!