Bang! Danielle Welsh falls to the ground. She lies in pool of her own blood in her shoe store, Brooklyn, in New York…

David and Danielle Welsh seemed to be the perfect couple. David was a very handsome man with thick, curly brown hair, a beautiful caramel tan, and amazing brown eyes. Danielle had long, straight brown hair, blue eyes that you could get lost in, and a nice complexion. They married when she was 19. The couple had grown up together. After being married, they went off to college at Purdue, graduated, and moved to New York to start their life together.

Danielle opened up a shoe store, which she called Brooklyn, and within months her shoes were a huge hit. David found a job rather quickly. The demands for a good plastic surgeon in New York were high so he opened up his own practice. Soon the word got around and celebrities became his patients. David and Danielle had the perfect life.

One night Danielle was working late. After a long day at work David fell asleep at 10:30 P.M. He wasn't worried about Danielle because every so often she works late. David woke up to the piercing ring of the phone. "Uh... Hello?" David said picking up the phone still half asleep.

"Excuse me, is this David Welsh I'm speaking with?" a man with a deep voice asked.

"Why yes it is, who is calling?" he questioned looking at the clock noticing it was 3:13 in the morning.

"This is Officer Frank Connelly with the NYPD."

"Is there a problem officer?" David asked cutting Officer Connelly off.

"Sir there is a situation down at your wife's shoe store. Can you…"

"Is Danielle okay!? What happened?"

"Keep calm Mr. Welsh. Can you make it down here? Are you okay to drive?" Officer Connelly asks. You can tell he has been doing this a long time.

"Yes I can. I'll be down there in 15 minutes." David says and hangs up phone. He is rushing around the bedroom trying to find clothes to put on. After he gets dressed he gets his keys off his nightstand and rushes downstairs. He turns the corner and sees a shadow running across the kitchen. He disregards the shadow and tries to hurry to the garage. As he turns the corner the shadow figure is now standing right in front of him. He sees a man with a dark mask on. Then felt something pressing against his chest. He said, "Who are you? What do you want?"

The masked man laughed and said," I need to get rid of you." David felt the bullet go in him; he fell to the ground crying.

David cried out," Why me?" The masked man talked to him as he continued to stab David an addition eleven times.

The masked man said," If you survive, which you won't, ask your wife. By the way she is beautiful and I love her." David passed out.

An hour later the Officer Connelly shows up at the Welsh residence wondering where David had been for he was supposed to be at Brooklyn over forty-five minutes ago. He knocked on the door and yelled," David its Officer Connelly, we spoke on the phone, are you in there?" After hearing no response he walks around and looks in the windows. From the back window he sees a leg and calls for back up and an ambulance. The back up is there in ten minutes. They plow through the locked door and have their guns out. They search through the house as the paramedics quickly go to the man lying face down on the ground. They flip the man over.

They realize from pictures around the house that the man in David Welsh and he is not breathing. They pronounce him dead and wait for the coroner to come.

Officer Connelly is talking to the Crime Scene Investigator leader Stephen Edwards. "This is David Welsh he is pronounced dead from a single gun shot wound and eleven stab wounds. He was found in his house in the hallway. The killer got in through a window and did escape."

Stephen asks, "What is suspicious about this crime again?"

Officer Connelly then says," Stephen, his wife was murdered about five hours ago in her shoe store, Brooklyn, about fifteen minutes away from here."

"How did she die?"

"A single gun shot wound to the head. It seems that the murderer got in through the back door, shot her then left. Mrs. Welsh didn't see it coming as she was working and shot in the back of the head. She died immediately. Your team has been working there for house and found out that it was a woman who entered the shoe store and shot her. There is one hair that they found and a single fingerprint on the back door handle. They are processing it as we speak." Another team starts looking at the scene at the house. The coroner shows up and is the same coroner from Mrs. Welsh's scene. The coroner examines the body and goes to tell Officer Connelly and Stephen shocking news.

"The person who shot Mrs. Welsh is not the person who shot Mr. Welsh."

Officer Connelly's jaw drops, "What are you talking about?"

"They are shot with two different guns plus one is stabbed. The hair found at the other scene was a long blonde hair while I just found a short brown hair by the body."

Stephen asks, "Well doesn't Mr. Welsh have brown hair?"

"Yes but Mr. Welsh has curly hair. This is a short straight hair. Mr. Edwards I think your team has a lot of work to do. There is something crazy about this situation. The Welsh family had two people after for whatever reasons they were out to kill. I don't think this family is a perfect as everyone thought," the coroner says as he covers the bodies and has them sent to his office.

Stephen and his teams start working. They search the whole house and collect anything that is out of the ordinary…