Suchomimus ('sharptooth' from Niger)

Plateosaurus ('longneck' from France, Germany, Switzerland and Greenland)

"Ingenia" ('beaked one' from Mongolia)

Nanotyrannus ('sharptooth' from Montana)

Oviraptor ('beaked one' from Mongolia)

Saltasaurus ('longneck' from Argentina and Uruguay)

Acrocanthosaurus ('sharptooth' from Oklahoma, Texas and Utah)

Udanoceratops ('frilled one' from Mongolia)

Rhoetosaurus ('longneck' from Australia

Utahraptor ('sharptooth' from Utah)

Segnosaurus ('longclaw' from Mongolia)

A/N: If you're curious as to what they look like or what they are, feel free to ask. And don't worry, they're all on Wikipedia.