Chapter 10: Runaway Rescue

When it did finally attack us, everyone started to scream again. As the monster grabbed hold of me, my heart began to beat incredibly fast, to the point where I thought it might explode. It roared at us, then began to drag me away. "No! Help! Help me! Please!" I started to yell, while trying to get a hold of something, but there was nothing to grab except dirt and grass. I was almost at it when Andrew finally grabbed my hand, trying to pull me back. I started to kick at the monster wherever I could. Its hands, arms, chest, face- whatever I could reach at.

I could feel its grip getting tighter, ready to crush my leg at a moment's notice. I looked at Andrew, and saw that he was struggling to keep a hold on me, with Alisa pulling him from behind, trying to help pull us away. I soon enough felt his hand loosen, and Andrew let go. I began to slide toward the monster as it pulled me in. "No! Andrew! Help me! Stop!" I kept screaming as the monster reeled me in. It held me upside down for a second by my leg, as if I were a giant prize fish it had just caught. It was then that I kicked it right in its snout with my free leg, stunning it enough for a moment to let me go.

I immediately scrambled away, having only a second before the monster realized what just happened. It swiped at me, but was only able to trip me. I just got right back up and started running again, looking back to see the monster giving chase to me as Alisa and Andrew ran off through the other side of the tunnel. Andrew began to stumble a bit, so Alisa began to help support him as they ran off.

They were safe, for now at least, but I was still being chased through the grassy field of the playground by a killing monster that was trying to rip me apart. I thought I had given myself a good head start, but the monster was unnaturally fast, catching up easily to me within seconds. It then somehow jumped over me and landed on all fours as it impacted onto the ground in front of me. It stood back up and stared me down before taking its time to walk up to me, knowing there was no way I could escape.

I remember thinking 'How the hell did it just do that!?', staring in awe as it started to approach me. I had started to back up a bit, just like Van had done before he'd been killed, reminding me that I just needed to run before it caught me. But I just couldn't turn away, not from a servant of Death itself that was right in front of me. I eventually tripped backwards after stumbling over a mound of dirt in the middle of the field. I looked around, and saw that I was going to die in the middle of a baseball field.

It seemed a bit ironic to me at the time, thinking that I was going to die in the middle of a field of the sport I sucked at the most. I remember having a flashback of one day I had, when me and my friends were all playing baseball. I was getting ready for when it was my turn to bat, so I was trying a few practice swings. I don't remember why, but Kevin had walked up to me right in the middle of a practice swing, and I ended up accidentally hitting him right in the arm. He was unlucky enough for him to get it good, right on the elbow. We all were laughing, even Kevin between his swearing and yelling.

I chuckled a bit in my head as I thought that memory would be the last thing on my mind as the monster got ready to kill me. If you had seen me though, I wouldn't have looked like I was laughing at all. I actually would have looked scared beyond all doubt, and you would have expected that I had already peed myself.

I actually almost did once the monster was only a few feet away from me. I had my eyes closed, not wanting to see the end, when suddenly I heard some honking. I saw lights being flashed all over the place, and then saw a truck was speeding through the field, headlights and horns blazing. I backed myself as far away as I could, not wanting to get hit by it. The suddenness of the truck's rush to the field caused the monster to get out of the way of the truck, even though it could easily overturn it if it got the chance. The truck stopped a few feet away from me, and the person driving it opened the driver's door to allow me in.

I rushed over to it and jumped in, stepping over Andrew as he closed the door back up and started to drive off. Alisa was sitting at the other end of the passenger seat, looking back to see if the monster had begun to chase us yet. "Oh my...God...thank you..." was all I was able to say, being too shocked over what had just happened to say much else. My entire body was still shaking, and I couldn't stop breathing so hard even though I wasn't out of breath. All I could do was sit there, clutching the seat of the three-seater chair as hard as I could as Andrew tried to maneuver through the playground.

"So, this is your truck?" Was the first thing I said as I began to regain my composure.

"Huh," Andrew replied, "Oh, yeah. I got this months ago. Got my driver's licence just last month though." We were quiet for a bit, all of us nervous that since we had to go slow through the field if we wanted to get through.

Alisa was still looking through the window to see if we were being followed when she said "We couldn't find Terrance's car in the parking lot. I think maybe he was able to escape with the others." I didn't say anything, only hoping that he was ok. Alisa continued and said "Did it hurt you?"

"Umm..." I checked my leg, the only place it even touched me. It hurt, but there wasn't any blood, so that was a good sign. "I think I'm only going to be bruised, nothing else." I said, before asking Andrew "How's your shoulder doing?"

"It hurts," Andrew replied, still just trying to focus on the driving, "It actually burns a lot, the entire gash there. I've got my t-shirt wrapped around it, to try to stop the bleeding. It just keeps seeping through though...I'm not feeling good at all right now, really. I feel like I'm going to throw up all over myself right now..."

"I think you've just lost too much blood," Alisa told him, "Losing blood makes you sick, it happened to my brother before when fell out of that oak tree a couple months ago and broke his arm. He cracked his head open too, and he ended up getting really sick. I think we just need to get you to-"

All I remember at that part was a sudden thump and then me hitting my head on the windshield as the truck suddenly began to lose control. I fell back in my seat, my eyes fluttering as I started to lose consciousness. As everything went dark, I could hear screams from Alisa, and shrieks of pain from Andrew.

Above it all, I heard the same, chilling howl from earlier that night.