Dear You,

Okay. Look, it wasn't my choice for you to stop being the person I knew and loved so much. It wasn't my choice to become a scarier person that I have ever faced before in my life. The person you swore, you promised you'd never be. I was afraid, but I believed you anyway. It was your choice to belittle me, scar my already broken heart, say the harsh and cruel things you said to make yourself feel better, rip open my heart. And it was your choice to blame ME for everything that happened. You got possessive, conceited, jealous and arresting. Not me, it wasn't my fault; and deep down, I think you know that. All of that, is not my fault, okay? I'm still the exact same person I was six months ago when you started to change. You just are so different and it saddens me to know you have no idea. It was so sudden, of all these years of trusting and being your best friend, the sister you never just turned on me. And time as passed on around me like blood behind a bruise, but I'm still lying on the floor, breathless and wondering what the hell happened to you and I. And I just want you to know that it doesn't matter how sorry you are for all that happened because the words were still said and you still broke your promises, let me down and then turned into a monster. I won't and I can't come back to you. I'll admit to you that sometimes, I still want to run up to you and tell you one of my jokes and laugh with you, tell you about my new story I'm writing. But I can't, because you're different. It'll never be the same, I'll always be wishing for the old you, the old us, back. I know it will never happen and I know you do not understand. Maybe someday, you will and then we can maybe try this whole thing over again. But I highly doubt that and until that ever happens, we're not exchanging gifts this for Christmas, I don't want anything from you ever again. I've got nothing left to say, nothing left to give.

Happy Holidays,