Dear You,

It's like falling, hard. The wind blows around your hair wildly, you're plummeting down, down, down in a whirling, sickening pace. And you have no power to stop yourself because gravity has all the power now. You hit the ground, crashing. Hitting so hard, it knocks the breath right out of you. You can't breath from the pain as it overtakes you're whole entire body from head to toe. The damage has been done. You stare up at the stars twinkling above you in the dark skies, bewildered. How did this exactly happen that caused you to fall so hard? How did you get so hurt? How'd you get lying here? You recall one minute you were flying high in the skies, happy and content. The next, you were falling. You have fallen, hit rock bottom. You lay there, trying to remember how to breath, how to get up, how to move on and walk away to something, someone else. But the pieces of you all are scattered and shattered around you, almost impossible to recover them and put them back together. You cant pick them up, you cant even pick yourself up. You can only feel, exhale and breath in the pain because you failed. You've hit rock bottom, fallen forever perhaps. That's what it's like to lose your best friend, the feeling to having lost you.

Best Regards,