Christmas time was just around the corner. Boy do I hate Christmas time. The shopping sales back up traffic making me late for meetings and people are all smiling with Christmas joy, with out a care in the world. Although, the worst thing about Christmas is only a few years back my wife had packed up and left me. She took my credit cards and high jacked my red sports car. All on our special day, our anniversary, on Christmas Eve. I've never trusted anyone since then. I don't smile anymore, or give a damn about Christmas spirit. I even through my wife in jail and with no bail. She got out five years later. I don't know where she is, nor do I care. Good riddance, I say.

I knew my Christmas would be like all the rest. At home doing paper work from dusk tell dawn. All alone, not even a cat, to comfort me. Every Christmas the same thing, as if my life was stuck on a rewind button. Some may say it's depression, but after so many years I've gotten used to it.

Little did I know a miracle was going to happen. Early in the morning, around ten 'o' clock, Christmas Eve. I had finished my social meeting early because my coworkers wanted to spend most of the day with family. I guessed I couldn't through my own loneliness on others, so I allowed it. I suppose I was in a somewhat good mood. For what reason, I wasn't quite sure.

Then, as I was leaving the building and heading to my car, I noticed a strange girl, lurking in the distance. She was thin, with snow white hair. Apparently malnourished. She wore worn down clothes. A blue cotton coat, a pair of tattered jeans, with snow shoes, and gloves with hole cut in them to reveal bone thin fingers. I wasn't sure why I ran after her. Was it because she was sick, or because I was in such a good mood? Or could it be something other than that? What ever it was I didn't have the time to think on it.

I was too busy trying to keep up with this young lady. She was quick like the wind. Which was picking up speed. Soon, without notice, it began to snow. The girl kept running, ignoring ever obstacle that came her way. While I ducked and dodged in coming objects, such as, trashcans, boxes, and small things of local littering. I just couldn't understand what this girl was trying to do. She needed help, and probably new it, but still she ran. Farther and farther from my sight. "I can help you! Please stop, please." I was fading quick. The streets and ally ways we raced through started to transform into solid white blurs. I couldn't, I just couldn't keep running. On a street marked Lincoln Ave. 500 N. I passed out in the snow. I could feel my mind slip away while my body froze. This was the end. To die on a day I despised so much was a fitting end for someone so miserable. I fell asleep in the snow, knowing this was the end.

Suddenly I awoke to find myself in a small apartment living room. There a glowing white Christmas tree was decorated beautifully. The lights shimmered off the white ribbons hanging down the sides of the tree. On top was a white angel, with her hands together and wings stretched out. In the other corner of the living room was a fireplace, which was lit. This told me I was on the top floor. I was too busy looking around I hardly even thought of who lived here.

Then some one asked, "Are you wake sir?" I recognized the voice immediately. It was Victoria, my secretary. "Victoria? How did I get here?"

"I noticed you just outside the apartment complex when I was driving into the parking lot. I quickly spun my car around and got you. I put you in the back step and then asked the security officer to help me carry you up stairs." Victoria was always so loyal to me. Yet I never really noticed her, but now I can't take my eyes off her. I never noticed actually how attractive she was. She had a child's face. Her eyes were big and green. Her hair was a dark brown and short. Her smile could make anyone feel warm inside. I always ignored her so coldly because of that fact. Yet she never left me. She was putting some hot chocolate on the table in front of me when I gentle reached over and grabbed her hands. "Why?"

"Why, what sir?"

"Why do you always stay by my side, even when I'm so cold to you?" For a moment there was no answer. I was starting to fear I had been too forward with my answer. Then Victoria reached over and gave me a small peck on the cheek. "I love you sir, and because of that I could never leave you." Victoria. It had been too long since I heard those words. Those words that stabbed my heart and tore way my soul, but not this time. This time my heart rejoiced and my soul lightened like the lights on the Christmas tree. "Call me Rick." I lend forward and kissed Victoria over and over again. Small tears trickled down my eyes. I couldn't stop myself from saying thank you and smiling. I was finally smiling again, and it felt magical.

Soon after me and Victoria started to go out and I never did see that girl lurking around the parking lot anymore. I even start to wonder if she was really there, or if she was a Christmas Girl.