i can't possibly explain this feeling through a letter
my way with words fell through my smiling teeth
maybe in the morning i can say this much better
perhaps all i need is a long night's sleep
but i'm much too excited to rest my mind.

you've made my day
doing what you always do
and there's more to say,
i just don't know how to.

countless times i've written about being speechless
it's rather amazing that you can do that to me so often
maybe one day i'll find a way to repay you, for all the happiness
but i think, for now at least, i'll just dream of seeing you again

i'm thinking in symbols instead of in words
my thoughts are all pictures, nothing is to be heard
badly drawn hearts next to a shining sun
a park in the summer, flowers on the run

and yet, it's exactly what i mean
sitting with you, no one else to be seen
the silence between all the sound
the flowers and weeds in the ground

i'm only this happy when i'm with you
then coming home to nothing, but still grinning
in the love stories, everyone's winning.