Fiery pain

My skin is crawling

The world is turning black;

Black and red,

One massive blur,

The heartless viper wraps itself around my arm

The demon sent to torment me

I shake it off

But the venom

Of my hate and foolish desires

Has taken over

2 red slashes

Against my ash-pale skin

In this black and grayscale world

Why am I suddenly on my knees?

Why are my eyes closing?

Why am I falling backwards into the hot sand?

Bloody trail

Serpent's bite

My senseless sin

Lord, take away the pain,

Punish the serpent once more!

Gleaming bronze

A snake shines in the setting sun

High up on a pole

The world's color is coming back,

And the pain is gone.

The snake healed me;

No, the Lord did.