She walks the path of broken dreams,

Clutching every itching sorrow as she stumbles.


Her surroundings blur against a concrete pillow.

"Will this be the end…finally?"

She fades into the shadow of doubt.


She trembles as a crimson river winds and twists

Around a snow white background.

She has no goodbyes.

This was inevitable, after all.


The rage within drove her to madness.

The empty, hollow ache of loneliness broke her spirit.

Constant struggle, constant heartache, constant lies.

She couldn't make it better, couldn't fake it anymore.

Whispering echoes invade her nightmare.


In reality, they are one in the same.

Always held back, always stopped, always scolded.

She was always told "No!"

Her dream of peace and freedom

Forever prevented for the sake of others.

Her dream…her only dream…

Was their nightmare.

"I'm selfish."