Stop Shivering / She's So Silent

They died that night
When the world was born
Because the lovelost live only in shadow
Seeking life, knowing knife, in night

It pared them open sluggishly
Feeling each inch
As the inside opened up
To the otherside of the moon
The one they see when they close their eyes
Where it is coldest

Snowflakes stop in midair
Around them and they wish
Will I make it to the next avalanche in her heart
Will I die long enough to find the heart in him
And so consumed, turn aside
Feeling each other along the back
Unable to turn, to slash again
Warmth gone from earth
In sea, iceberg darkness
Floating from the faint trace
The farthest star
To rain over rusted steel
Thrust through flesh
Condemned to the chasm

It's morning somewhere