Sample Of Hades

The stairs winding

Light leaving

From the top
I descend

Into the layer of lake
Unable to breathe
Water bubbling up my throat
Grab my neck
Flail about
Eyes flutter up
Only half-wishing for solid ground

Beneath that, ice
Carved in a silver slide
Circling the sidewalls
With every level I roll down
Hitting solid veils
Knock my head against
Till I numb my limbs
Want to know that lasting touch

Lower now
In the black
Have I hit bottom
Reach and find no handhold
Fall again to cold ground
Grinding teeth against the hollowness
The only sound I make myself unhear

Spectral light somewhere beyond
Green and glowing
Rub bare arms
Can't reach the tingling round my back
Maybe this is it
What I fear years of flight for

Close eyes
Though there's no difference either way
Until a slight shift
Roll them backward
Fall back to a crawl
Without opening, absinthe
Surrounds everything
Absently awake
Into this echo darkness
Vibrant vibration noting
Rabid remarks nearby
Shake my head to control
It's everywhere
Your colour

Step forward
Pet the pest that peters
Repeats to peat taping
A spate of paste in my head
Trough of glass shapes

Lines fine as a knife
Feign to begin or end
Rending senile the gain
Of my smile into memory
Roam faintly along the limewalls
Lawless miles where every
Tap is a touch of terror in my lungs

Flick quickly faster images
Through filmstrip of your face
Mixing salad notions of emotion
Make them

And I need to
And I appear behind you
Till you turn